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The Cheater’s Diet: Will It Work for Me?



You might be wondering why it’s called Cheater’s Diet. Well, it is a different diet – something that runs contrary to popular diets. To know more, I’m inviting you to read on!

If you’ve tried going on a diet, you will agree with me when I say that not being able to eat some types of food can be very challenging – forget about it being frustrating. Most delicious meals are a no-no when following a strict diet to lose weight, and when trying very hard to stick to a diet, the more you crave for the food you are not supposed to it. This is where the Cheater’s Diet has an advantage, as it allows you to eat most, of course not all, of the delicious food we all so crave when trying to lose weight.

The Cheater’s Diet is also called by another name: The Cheater’s Diet: Lose Weight by Taking the Weekends Off! This diet was developed by a doctor named Paul Rivas, and he firmly believes that as long as a person eats a well balanced healthy diet on weekdays, and as long as he exercises regularly, eating the so-called “not-so-healthy-calorie-laden-foods” on weekends will not hamper one’s goal to lose weight permanently. So the bottom line with this diet is: cheat on weekends or for two days only, but be strict in following a healthy diet with regular exercise 5 days a week!

So What Can You Eat?

If you are very interested in following the Cheater’s Diet, there are two things that you need to remember.

First, the “okay” diet for the five days or weekdays should be as close as possible to a Mediterranean diet, one that should include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, yogurt, and low-fat dairy, peanuts, and unsaturated fats.

So you may ask: what are the okay foods for my weekend cheat? Well, if you want to eat cake on weekends, the wise thing to do is to eat a slice, not the whole layer. If you’re going to eat ice cream, a cup will do.

Second, you have to use the plate method, which is very easy. You have to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, then 1/4 of the plate with lean protein, and the other 1/4 with whole grains.

What If You Don’t Like to Cheat During Weekend?

Well, then good for you! However, it is still best to eat at least a small amount of the foods you like. For example, dark chocolates are said to be good “uppers” – it makes you feel good about yourself. So there’s nothing wrong with eating a small amount. If you want to eat cakes or pastries, go ahead. Just don’t stuff yourself. Dr. Rivas gives a word of caution: avoid any foods that can cause you to indulge or binge. You know what these foods are, so stay away from them.