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Thailand’s Dental Industry is Really Something to Brag About



Thailand is known as one of the foremost medical and dental tourism destinations in Asia and the world. Annually masses of medical tourists visit Thailand for medical treatment. Dental implants are one of the most sought after procedures in Thailand, together with various medical, cosmetic, and dental treatments. Dental implants in Thailand are less costly compared to many other developed nations like Australia, the UK, and the US.

-What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants consist of a small attachment that is implanted into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth root. After that, a prosthetic proxy tooth is fastened to the top of the implant. Dental implants are a more permanent means of replacing missing teeth.

-Why Select Thailand for Dental Implants?

Thailand is a low-cost destination for dental implant work, offering the same professional results as any other advanced country. On average, dental implant patients pay 50-80% less in Thailand for the same procedures accessible in other countries. The reason for such inexpensive dental care in Thailand is the overall cost of living in the country. The reduced price of living outflow has turned into a boon for Thailand’s medical industry.

Also, patients can be assured that dental care from Thailand is adequately regulated and required to meet the medical and health standards of the Thailand government. Additionally, a dentist in Thailand are superbly trained and educated in countries like the USA and the United Kingdom. Patients from English speaking countries will find staff very well equipped to converse in their language as well.

-Thailand’s Success Rate with Dental Implant Procedures

Consensus from studies performed by the University of Iowa College of Dentistry states the success of dental implants in Thailand is in the range of 91% for upper-teeth implants and 98% for lower-teeth implants. Dental implant success rates are quantified by the sum of bone in the jaw and various other aspects together with the patient’s general health.

Patients with persistent complications such as clenching, tooth grinding, heavy smoking, unhealthy drinking habits, and uncontrolled diabetes may result in a decreased success rate.

-Doctors in Thailand Show They Care

It is not unheard of for Thai dentists to engage in five-hour consultations with their patients. They may ask questions such as; if a patient might have any dental phobias and what may have caused them. Besides, they may ask what hobbies a patient enjoys. For example, if a patient takes pleasure in skydiving, they may recommend using a mouth-guard to protect their new porcelain teeth.

Additionally, Thai dentists will inform the patient regarding all the various implants available and illustrate with power-point slideshows previous surgeries they have performed and their results. Every procedure is explained thoroughly from start to finish, giving patients a clearer understanding of what they can expect. Clarifications include the pros and cons of the dental implant procedure as well.

-Various Dental Implants Available in Thailand

In Thailand, patients have a choice of trademark dental implants from the foremost companies in the world. Here is a list of dental implant procedures one can obtain in Thailand.

Instant Dental Implant

This procedure is quick and straightforward. Implants are set in less than half an hour. Later, tooth reinstallation can take place on that day or a day or two afterward.

Single Tooth Dental Implant

This type of implant is utilized to replace a tooth that is missing due to injury or accident. Single tooth implants are nearly 100% successful for most patients and does not alter the surrounding teeth or look any different.


All-on-4 dental implants are utilized for patients who may require replacement of dentures with permanent teeth. During this procedure, dentists substitute complete sets of teeth with implants, and permanent teeth are prepared in under an hour. In most instances, sinus grafting, suture placement, or bone grafting is not needed.

Zygoma Implants

Zygoma implants are instant functioning extended implants with twelve metal compound implant bridges. There is no bone grafting required.


Patients can receive complete implants within an hour. Teeth-in-an-hour can be utilized for full, multiple, or single tooth replacement.

-Thailand Dental Implant Benefits

The benefits of having dental implant treatments in Thailand are numerous. They include:

. Tremendous cost on saving at least 50-80%

. Expert and professional dental work

. Up-to-date technology

. Enjoy the beauty of Thailand

. Return home with a beautiful smile, what more could anyone ask for?