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3 Healthier Alternatives to Common Unhealthy Habits



3 healthier alternatives to common unhealthy habits

We all have unhealthy habits, some worse than others but what can we do to change them? One of the easiest ways to break a habit is not simply to go cold turkey but to replace the unhealthy habit with a healthier alternate habit.

The Lounge Lizard

If you’re a lounge lizard, a couch potato, a Netflix junkie or whatever else you like to call yourself then you’re probably spending a lot of your time not moving much. Whether you’re sitting on the couch, lying in bed catching up on missed episodes on your iPad or reclining in a beanbag like a giant potato – or bean, then you might want to add some movement into your relaxation time. Instead of simply lying there, zoned out, mix it up and watch your favourite shows while jumping on an indoor trampoline, jogging on the treadmill or running on the spot. If that’s too active for you, then start small with some leg circles while lying on the couch or even some 1-5kg dumbbells to get your muscles pumping instead.

After Work Beers

We’re all guilty of indulging or rather over-indulging in a drink or two or three after work, especially on a Friday night. But how do you know if you’re over-indulging? Moderate drinking is considered as two standard drinks for men and one for women each day. If you’re drinking more than this – and let’s face it, most of us don’t stop after just one beer, we may want to rethink our drinking choices. Instead of opting for beer, which contains a lot of empty calories, switch instead to red wine which actually has a number of health benefits, including improving cholesterol and unlike beer actually helps to fight obesity and weight gain.

Coffee for Breakfast

Don’t worry, coffee at breakfast time isn’t necessarily a bad habit. The bad habit is when you ONLY have coffee for breakfast and nothing else. Skipping breakfast means your metabolism is running on low which can cause weight gain and leave you feeling sluggish throughout the day. It also means you probably end up starving later on and then over-indulging in some pretty rich foods for lunch to make up for it. Instead of simply having coffee for breakfast, add in some healthy oats or even some toast to kick-start your day and stabilise your blood sugar levels which will leave you with more energy. If you’re struggling to feel hungry during the morning, you might prefer a liquid breakfast instead. Start off the day with your coffee but add in a nutritious home-made smoothie as well. And if a smoothie isn’t going to do it for you, then you may need to schedule breakfast for a slightly later time in the morning. Consider having your shower first and then making breakfast instead of the other way around. Change up your morning routine to fit in time for a healthy start to the day.