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Veggies That Make You Healthy from the Inside Out



While most women focus on choosing the best hair care products, beautiful hair starts from the inside out.  Before you concern yourself with external hair care treatments, first consider your diet.  There are a number of vegetables and fruits that can contribute to improved hair health and appearance.  When combined with an organic root stimulator, you can have hair that everyone will envy.

Healthy Hair Starts With a Healthy Diet

The key to hair length, growth, and strength is your diet.  Vitamins and minerals that help build healthy hair and enhance growth include vitamins A, B, including folic acid, and C and niacin, biotin, iron, and zinc.  Try increasing your intake of the following fruits and vegetables rich in these vitamins and minerals for healthier hair:

  • Vitamin C-Oranges, grapefruit, sweet red peppers, strawberries
  • Vitamin A-Cantaloupe, pumpkin, sweet potato, squash, mangos
  • B Vitamins-Bananas, avocado asparagus, mushrooms, oranges
  • Vitamin C and B Vitamins-Tomatoes, potatoes
  • Vitamin A and B Vitamins- Green leafy vegetables, carrots

A great way to get several servings of these nutrients is to use them in a smoothie.

Natural Treatments for Healthier Hair

Take advantage of age-old knowledge that focuses on natural products such as oils, egg protein, and herbs by using an organic root stimulator. Natural hair food consists of integrating these ingredients with other natural substances and deliver on the promise of effective hair care solutions.

A product called hair mayonnaise combines egg protein and olive oil, common ingredients in regular mayonnaise, both of which have been shown to strengthen and moisturize over-processed hair.  The carrot oil cream, made from essential oils, repairs damaged and weakened hair and is an excellent conditioner for a dry scalp.

Numerous olive oil-based products are offered, which produce a variety of positive effects including moisturizing, detangling, protecting hair from heat-based styling appliances, creating shine, decreasing frizz, and holding the hair in place.

 A Complete Approach to Healthy Hair

If you want to have gorgeous and healthy hair, it is essential to remember the most significant improvements result when you work from the inside out.  Increase the number of servings of fruits and vegetables you eat each day that are rich in nutrients that improve hair health.

Additionally, choose natural hair care products that are known to produce effective results.  While there are numerous cosmetic products available, many contain chemicals that may improve the look of hair temporarily but damage the hair or lead to build up, causing hair to appear dull and lifeless.

Using natural products can improve not only your hair’s appearance but also its overall heath by also working from the inside out for healthy, beautiful hair.