Healthcare Staffing Agencies Proven to be Lucrative for Both Parties

There are many Healthcare Staffing Agencies in the United States.  They are resourceful, convenient, and easy to access.  Since hospitals work hard to maintain a healthy budget and quality care they are depending more and more on these agencies.  Using a staffing agency will help hospitals keep their core staff while adding the extra nurses and professionals what they need at any given time.  There are currently over 5,000 healthcare facilities that utilize staffing agencies.

A healthcare staffing agency doesn’t just provide staff. There is a wide range of services they provide.  They offer recruitment services, performance evaluations, risk management, and credential services as well. Whatever the medical facility needs, the agency more than likely can provide it.  Most agencies are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help and have thousands of professionals on call for just this reason.

Different Types of Staffing Services

Majority of staffing agencies provide different types of staffing services and can be broken down into four categories – travel, direct placement, per diem and local staffing. Travel staffing allows facilities to get qualified professionals from anywhere within the United States for any length of time normally between 8 and 52 weeks. With Direct Placement, the staffing agency takes responsibility for providing permanent staff, offering flexibility since the core staff of any facility is its life blood.

Per Diem staffing allows a facility to get qualified help on a temporary “as needed“ basis. Unlike travel staffing, Per Diem can be used for part time hours that need to be filled or on a very short, temporary basis like filling in for a permanent staff member for a few days or week. Local staffing works well if you prefer to have the same staff sent to your facility at all times of need.  This helps your core staff become closer with those they occasionally work with and for temporary staff to become familiar with the facility. Local staffing also allows the facility to cover shifts within a moments notice.

Healthcare Staffing Agencies Benefits

Staffing agencies use the most cost effective strategies for their clients.  Over the years, it has been shown, that hospitals and medical facilities that have used staffing agencies have saved thousands of dollars each year.  They have also saved time by not having to review resumes and interview candidates.  The agency takes care of that for them.  Healthcare professionals also have many benefits such as excellent health, vision and dental insurance options, free life insurance, completion bonuses, Tax-free Travel Expense Reimbursements to and from each assignment, lucrative referral bonuses and private housing, so their family can travel with them.

Whatever the need is, you can count on a healthcare staffing agency having what you require.  There are many reputable agencies throughout the United States, so there is always one close by.  You may find it’s just what you needed.

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