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Medical Billing Services Ease Day to Day Duties for Your Healthcare Facility



Medical billing services ease day to day duties for your healthcare facility

In order to continue providing superior services for your clients, you must collect the money you are owed. Activities such as invoicing, billing insurance companies, contacting customers and all the other requirements of medical billing take your valuable time away from your patients. With the services of a professional medical billing company, like Anestesia Services you can get back to what you do best – caring for patients, while the billing professionals take care of all your billing needs.

When you decide to outsource your patient pay accounting and insurance management you can significantly increase the overall performance of your entire healthcare practice. The main focus of professional medical billing is ensuring that you receive timely reimbursement by using electronic claim submission, which will also reduce your internal costs. You and your staff’s attention can now be on growing your business and providing superior customer care, rather than on collecting payments that are owed.

When hiring a professional to take care of your medical billing you can get services that include:

  • Real time billing;
  • Charge entries;
  • Posting of payments;
  • Any IMS’s or appeal letters;
  • Handling of patient calls regarding billing;
  • Management of accounts receivable;
  • Retroactive collections;
  • Management of fees;
  • Underpayment management;
  • Reimbursement audits.

Cost Saving Advantages

In addition to giving time back to healthcare providers, the services of medical billing management will decrease overall costs of any facility. There is no need to have in-house accountants, medical billing specialists or other personnel for the specific purpose of billing. professionals takes care of all aspects in regards to medical billing, saving you time and money. This can provide a significant impact to your bottom line, by cutting unnecessary costs and having one agency handle all billing responsibilities.

Customized Solutions

The medical billing professionals you hire understand that no two healthcare facilities are the same; this is why they tailor their services to the specific needs of your facility. While one of the main features of services is the electronic billing technology that is used by this company, another contribution that cannot be ignored is the fact that they deal with insurance carriers. This includes appealing any claims that are improperly adjudicated and providing consistent follow-up. Insurance battles can be long, arduous and in some cases ugly and Intuitive Solutions will step up on behalf of their clients to handle these situations.

If you are still on the fence in regards to using the medical billing services , consider the following billing facts:

  • Each year over $6 billion is wasted on billing and administrative costs;
  • The typical doctor has a minimum for 0,000 in accounts receivables that are outstanding;
  • Errors in coding cost healthcare facilities up to $6 billion each year;
  • Less than one percent of all electronic claims are denied, but only 70 percent of claims submitted on paper are paid.

The benefits of electronic medical billing will provide your healthcare facility with valuable benefits including more time for patients, lower expenses and the higher likelihood that insurance claims will be paid in a timely manner. This is a service that healthcare providers can no longer afford to do without.