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Protecting Your Eyesight: Vital Tips



The miracle of sight is something perhaps too many of us take for granted until it deteriorates through ageing or other natural means. We’re all probably a little guilty of not treating our eyes the way we should, as strange as that sounds. Whether it’s staring at screens or reading in light that is too dim, we should learn to break away from such activities at regular intervals, to help preserve our eyesight.

What you should avoid


  • Watching television too close to the screen is a bad


    idea – you should be at least two meters away, as the prolonged time spent looking at a screen so close can affect your eyesight after a while.

  • As a child, you can probably remember a parent telling you not to look at the sun, but the irresistible urge to have a look anyway took over. The weird sensation after looking at the sun is one you don’t forget, and one that will undoubtedly damage your eyes if you look at it too much.
  • If you need to take something out of a hot oven, always make sure to keep your head as far away as possible while the heat escapes. If the intense heat hits your eyes, this can cause irreparable damage to your retinas (the back of your eyes), and thus permanently damage sight.
  • Playing computer games too long or staring at a computer screen is something that will cause long-term damage to your eyes. It is usually a slow and gradual process, as eyesight will begin to deteriorate over the years if you continue to look at screens for extended periods each day.

Ways to help your eyes

Of course, the most obvious thing is to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at computer screens if at all possible. If your job is entirely dependent on a computer, then understandably, it’s going to be challenging to achieve. However, you can at least help yourself by taking your lunch hour out and about, rather than at your desk, for example. And when you wish to read the news, why not buy a newspaper instead of checking news websites, which helps to reduce the time spent on the screen.

When you’re at a computer for a length of more than an hour, be sure to look up as often as you can to look out of windows or at least to the other side of the office. This gives your eyes a chance to ‘stretch’ as it were, and keep your eyesight as healthy as possible. If you can look around the room for 20 seconds every half hour, this should be sufficient to help you stave off poor eyesight.