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9 Simple Tips for Keeping our Eyes Healthy



Our eyes are arguably one of the essential organs in the body. They serve as the window through which we view the world around us. Without healthy eyes, many of the things we take for granted wouldn’t be possible. Reading a newspaper, watching television, or driving would be much harder.

Many people take the health of their eyes for granted, opting to focus their efforts on maintaining a shapely body, or building their muscles. But to have a healthy body, we must ensure that all organs are functioning correctly. So before you lose your 20/20 vision, here are a few eye tips to keep them functioning optimally.

Give your Eyes a Break

Taking a break from your work every 30 minutes is highly recommended, especially if you are working with computers. This will help your tired and strained eyes recover from the wear and tear of working. During breaks, you can also do some eye exercises such as blinking or staring at different objects.

Get regular eye exams and checkups

Regular eye exams and checkups are a must if you want to protect your eyes. It is ideal for visiting your eye doctor several times a year and to undergo general eye checkup on an annual basis.

Take multivitamins to help preserve eyesight

You can also take multivitamins as a way to protect your vision. Vitamin A is said to not only maintain but also improve and sharpen a person’s vision. For that matter, in choosing multivitamins for your eyes, search for one that has generous amounts of vitamin A.

Get enough sleep

You also need to make sure that you’re getting a sufficient amount of sleep – around 6-8 hours of sleep per day. Proper rest is a vital factor in preserving our eye’s health.

Spend a few minutes for eye exercises

Spending a few minutes for eye exercise each day is another ideal way to care for your eyes. Some easy yet practical eye exercises include blinking and staring at objects with different colors and in varying distances.

Eat Healthy

Promoting a healthy diet consists of vitamin-rich foods, including fruits and vegetables, is the way to go if you care for your eyes. Make sure that you’re getting the right amounts of

Drink plenty of water – more than eight glasses a day

Drinking more than eight glasses of water is another way to help protect your eyes. Drinking a sufficient amount of fluids is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and not just a way to care for your eyes.

Work objects and equipment should be placed at eye level

Work objects should be placed at eye level – that is, a good rule of thumb is work environments. If you’re working with a computer, make sure that your computer desk is leveled proportionately with your work chair. Choosing ergonomic furniture and fixtures also help.

Early warning signs

It is also essential that you don’t take for granted the early warning signs of eye diseases and complications. One of the most common symptoms of eye disease is headache and dizziness. Never take these for granted and immediately consult with a physician.

Eyes play a vital role. It’s one of the few body organs that work continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Believe it or not, our eyes are working even when we’re asleep.