Five Perfect Pedicure and Sandal Combos

Just about every woman looks forward to the time of year she can pull her favourite pair of sandals out of the closet and actually put them on!  This is especially true for women who really fancy their shoe collection.  However, one problem that faces women when it comes sandal season is matching their toenail polish up with the chosen sandals.  This can be a bit tricky, especially if you have a wide variety of colours to choose from where your sandals are concerned.  So, let’s take a look at some of the best suggestions for matching your pedicure with your sandals.

Tangerine or Red Sandals

These colours can be nightmarish to match up with polish, unless you take the simple route and choose the exact same colour of polish, which I might say is a bit boring.  A much better alternative for this combo is using a neutral coloured polish like a taupe, mauve or pale pink.  Even a light tan or silver would look nice with these sandals.  Some women are bold enough to wear a vast contrast such as a dark blue, or even black.  The colour you choose does depend on your style and the apparel you will be wearing, but following a few rules of thumb is always helpful.

Multi-Coloured Sandals

Right, you have sandals in your closest that are comprised of two, or even three colours.  What do you do in this situation?  Well, the answer is simple really.  You want to offset the sandals in the best way possible and that means you are faced with several options.  For one thing you can do the traditional thing, and that would be to choose from one of the colours on your sandals and match it, or you can go a bit wild and add even one more colour to the mix!  Let’s say you have mint green, tan, and light pink sandals, a nice light shade of beige polish would be fine, or a darker shade of the green, pink or tan.

Neutral Coloured Sandals

These are easy breezy to match with polish!  A neutral sandal goes with just about any colour in the rainbow.  The key to successfully wearing neutral sandals is to be certain you match your polish colour in such a way as to set off your clothing.  For example, a bright red dress with neutral coloured sandals is probably not a good idea.  However, it can work if you use red polish on your toes.  Are you getting the idea yet?  It is all about the way you make your outfit “pop” as you hear the celebs say.  The sandals and polish are nothing without the right clothes.

Cobalt Blue Sandals

Here is where it cannot be stressed enough that cobalt and silver is a match made in heaven!  In fact, any metallic colour you choose will work great with cobalt.  You definitely want to stay away from red when wearing a cobalt blue sandal, unless you choose to also paint little white stripes across your toenails in an effort to show support for England, or design small union jacks!  It is virtually impossible to wear red and blue sandal combinations without looking tacky, in our humble opinion.

Grey Sandals

Right now I would honestly have to say that the absolute best colour to use with grey sandals would be a shade of lilac or lavender.  Whilst any colour will go nicely with a grey sandal, this particular combination is quite elegant, yet subtle and easy to look at.  Again, pay attention to the clothes you are wearing, unless you plan on visiting a nudist colony, in which case it will not matter what colour your polish is.  That being said, the chance you are going to be wearing clothing is much greater, so be sure your lilac polish with grey sandals is not being worn with a brown dress.  This could be cause for the fashion police to come round, and no one wants that!

If you want to give your feet the ultimate beauty treatment, look into booking a medical pedicure before your big night out.  Just remember to keep your outfit and sandal choices in mind before choosing on a nail polish colour.

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