Even Your Purse Counts

Regardless on the type of cosmetic bag, you could still actually catch up on your beauty rituals. There are so many considerations that sometimes you forget that with simply going for what you really need, you worry a lot, especially if it is your beauty routines that are at stake.

It is not a sin to be fussy on the right choice of bag. In fact, it is highly recommended that a right bag for a particular place or occasion is used. Just like how you consider what to wear in going to a particular event or picking the right scent for the right weather, choosing the right bag is of equal concern.

The Right Bag To Where

Was there a point in your life when you went to a particular place and suddenly you felt that unwelcoming mood because something about your get up, like your bag, is inappropriate? You can actually avoid this by wisely choosing the right one.

A Small Purse

There are women who can definitely go out without a purse. But if you are not one of them, then a small purse would be a good starting point.

Before stepping out, make sure that you are confident that you will not need your foundation, your eye shadow and some of your make up kit which you think would occupy much of your purse’s space. You don’t have to bring them all the time. Slip into your purse just a lipstick and compact powder for necessary yet minimal retouches. This is most practical when you go just anywhere where you don’t need that much consciousness about your look.


Hence the name, all you need to do is clutch it. Compared to the handy purse, the clutch bag is more spacious and can accommodate more but not all of your necessary make up requirements. Aside from lipstick and compact powder, the basic make-up kit can also be accommodated in your clutch. This classy type of bag best works when going to formal events where every now and then, you will need to sneak out once in a while to revamp your look.

Hand Bag

Carry all your beauty loads confidently. A hand bag will work perfectly for a whole day out. Aside from your basic make up needs, a hand bag could already contain even some of your make up and make up tools such as brushes and other necessary items.

Athletic Bag

Even a sporty chic wants to look attractive. Although sweating is a big problem, you can replace or include with your sports towels, jerseys and sporty bands your chic gears such as lipstick, compact or loose powder, blush-on and everything else to touch up beauty after an enduring sports routine. For a more organized space, you can place all your cosmetic products in a small cosmetic bag which can then be stored inside the spacious athletic bag.

A ladies bag is a major accessory in fashion. There are different sizes made to fit your needs, styles designed to satisfy your preferences and types to fit not only your mood but most importantly, your lifestyle.

Mary Holland has become the expert of fitting great beauty tems in her very small purse.

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