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How Alcohol Addiction Affects a Person’s Health and Life



Five myths about drug and alcohol addiction

An addiction to alcohol affects a person’s health and life in many ways. For example, a person’s liver can suffer damage due to the overconsumption of alcohol. A person may develop a condition called cirrhosis. This condition can lead to liver cancer. Consider some other ways that an addiction to alcohol affects a person’s health and life.


A person with an addiction to alcohol can become very depressed. This is especially dangerous if the person was depressed before developing this addiction. Alcohol acts as a depressant on a person’s system. In short, consuming alcohol can make situations and circumstances seem worse than they actually are. A person drinking too much alcohol can start to feel desperate. As a result, the individual may try to harm him or herself while under the influence of alcohol. Someone who is addicted to alcohol can benefit from seeking the help of professionals at an addiction treatment center. Getting into treatment can assist a person in determining the reasons behind an addiction.

Kidney Disease

When a person consumes large amounts of alcohol, it can begin to affect the health of his or her kidneys. The person may develop kidney disease. In addition, individuals with an addiction to alcohol are at risk for developing high-blood pressure, heart disease and damage to the pancreas.

Impaired Judgment

A person’s judgment becomes impaired when he or she is consuming large amounts of alcohol. This can lead to poor decisions or even put the person in a dangerous situation. People who drink too much and pass out can die of alcohol poisoning in their sleep. Alcohol consumption can make a reasonable person push aside good judgment and do or say things that have long-term consequences.

Lifestyle Changes

Someone who has an addiction to alcohol runs the risk of losing his or her livelihood. Sickness and hangovers caused by alcohol consumption can cause a person to miss a lot of work. This takes away from a person’s productivity for a company or business. As a result, the person could lose a job or garner an unfavorable reputation in a particular industry. Losing employment could cause the person to experience serious financial problems.

Finally, alcohol addiction can damage a person’s personal relationships. Divorce is often a result of one spouse’s addiction to alcohol. Relationships between parents and children as well as siblings can suffer due to a person’s alcohol addiction.