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5 Ways To Recognize Alcoholism



Five myths about drug and alcohol addiction

Taking alcohol is not recognized by many people as a bad thing if taken in the right proportion. However, it becomes a major challenge if the alcohol consumption rate begins to skyrocket, and one’s choices and decisions are taken under the influence of alcohol. At such a point, the person can be tagged as an alcoholic. There are several pointers to signs of alcoholism. Check out these pointers to know whether or not alcoholism is lurking around.

Losing control

When you find yourself being unable to control how much you drink or not being able to control when you drink, then there is a big problem at hand. Uncontrollable cravings for alcoholic drinks or having to drink an alcoholic drink before you can feel normal is a big sign that you are deep in alcoholism. Alcohol withdrawal can be a huge deal at this stage.

Consuming alcohol in large amounts

No one says you should not drink. But when your tolerance for alcohol is at an all point high, then you need to check it. When you begin to feel compelled or have uncontrollable cravings to drink alcohol at increasingly larger amounts, then you should know that alcoholism is beginning to creep in.

The need to drink to feel good

If you have to drink to feel “normal” or “good,” then you need to call attention to your drinking. Alcohol should not be a determiner of your mood. It is not a ‘getaway’ drink or a mood changer. When your mood and feelings begin to get hinged on your alcohol consumption, then you are tilting towards becoming an alcoholic. At this point, alcohol withdrawal should be a priority for you.

Secret drinks

When you begin to store alcohol in hidden places, such as at work, in your car, or unusual places in your house so you can have a go at them every once-in-a-while, then there is a problem at hand.

You shouldn’t have to hide to consume alcohol in the first place. If you are not allowed to consume alcohol at your workplace, then wait till you are off work and go hang out with friends at a bar or make a purchase from the store and take it in the comfort of your home. The level of craving that will make you hide alcoholic drinks so you can take them secretly is a sure sign that you need alcohol withdrawal.

Risky drinking

When you find yourself continuing to drink alcohol alone or in secret despite negative consequences in your personal or professional life, then you are becoming an alcoholic. When you prefer to drink rather than engage in other activities and hobbies that will involve spending time with friends and family, then there is a huge problem.

This is because, at this point, your craving for alcohol has surpassed your love for family and a willingness to live longer for their sake. Alcohol withdrawal, at this stage, is a big deal and should be considered a high priority. Experiencing physical symptoms due to abstinence or withdrawal, such as sweating, hallucinating, and nausea calls for professional help for alcohol withdrawal.

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