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Feeling Down? Take These Steps To Improve Your Outlook



Three benefits of the paleo diet

Do you ever get the feeling that improving your appearance is some kind of impossible dream? You look at newspapers and fashion magazines and see nothing but stick-thin models and celebrities. You’re convinced they’re only flaunting their wares to taunt you.

You feel ungainly as you walk down the street; you strain at the sight of the mirror; you feel like Fashion Victim Number One.

But there are ways to improve your looks and self-confidence. Here are just a few.

Sort out your skin

So you wake up and head to the mirror, only to see that Halloween’s come early again. Your skin is blotchy and blemished, glaring back at you like a threat. Sigh, you think, There’s no way of improving this.

But blemish control is easier than you think. Simply invest in a lotion to soften your hard skin and make those blemishes milder. Soon, you’ll be able to look into the mirror without wincing.

Make foods super

If you’re living on a diet of Domino’s Pizza, Diet Coke, ready-in-three-minutes instant meals, and more confectionary than your stomach can handle, you’ll feel strained in both body and mind.

You see, not only does a diet of junk make you look unhealthy, all that fat, grease, and sugar can have an adverse effect on your mental health. In extreme cases, it can even lead to depression.

Put those junk diets aside and replace them with superfoods like fruit, veg, and carbohydrates to boost your positive vibes. Stick to a diet of good foodstuffs (and keep it varied to fend off tiredness). You’ll find yourself with a thinner waistline and a sunnier outlook.

Get your 15 a day

If you’re not naturally energetic, then getting off the couch to do some exercise is about as easy as pushing a Dalek upstairs. Our advice is to cut out the Game of Thrones box sets, get off the settee and start staying active – even for a little while.

Don’t stare at those scales constantly. Instead, take a brisk 15 minutes to exercise and get yourself fit. At that time, try to work out every part of your body. Add five extra minutes to your plan every week and, in no time at all, you’ll see a remarkable improvement in your state of mind.

Stay sleep hygienic

One of the major downers on your day could be your sleep pattern. Without a solid eight or nine hours of kip a night, your self-confidence will be lower, your mind won’t operate as effectively and you’ll even, according to some reports, look less attractive.

For an effective night’s sleep, avoid screens for about two hours before bed, clear your mind of all thought, and make sure you’re sleeping in a comfortable position. Pretty soon you won’t care about those stick insect celebs – you’ll have your self-confidence in full flow.