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How Vitamin D Helps Sooth the Skin



Many winter days are ahead for most of us and the skin can be affected in a negative manner throughout the season. One of the best solutions for soothing the skin is to increase the intake of Vitamin D.

Researchers located at the National Dermatology Center of Mongolia and Massachusetts General Hospital conducted a study with approximately 100 Mongolian children and discovered that an intake of Vitamin D will help soothe the symptoms of Eczema as they arise during the winter season.

A local MD named Carlos Camargo pinpoints that symptoms typically get worse for many individuals that have dermatitis during the winter season. With a large group of patients, consuming a steady amount of Vitamin D is beneficial as it is safe, inexpensive, and reliable. The solution of Vitamin D seemed to be quite helpful for those with a dry skin issue.

Chronic inflammation of the skin is also very uncomfortable for individuals as it can lead to a major infection. Many children are also the culprits of dry skin during the winter season. A common type of treatment for dry skin typically involves utilizing ultraviolet light.

The ultraviolet light helps out with boosting Vitamin D in the skin. A previous study was conducted in the past but only had preliminary results as the 11 children were investigated. The current study utilized nearly 107 children which range from ages 2 to 17.

The participants were placed in 2 groups. 1 of the groups received nearly 1000 IUS of Vitamin D while the other group received a placebo. The Vitamin D group saw an improvement of approximately 29 percent while the placebo group only saw an improvement of 16 percent. Children receiving Vitamin D also saw the needed improvement.