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Benefits of Fish Oil



There are many benefits of consuming fish oil daily. First, I want to explain precisely what it is and from which fish you are able to extract the oil from naturally. This is a type of oil that comes from certain types of fish, and those types are usually considered to be cold water. Coldwater fish such as salmon, cod, tuna, mackerel, rainbow trout, halibut, herring, sea bass, sardines, swordfish, oysters, turbot, pilchards, anchovies, and some manufactory also use lake trout and flounder.

Fish Oil Helps the Body’s System

Fish oil is good for helping many things in the body’s system, and in this article, I am going to tell you all about the benefits. Let’s start by carefully reviewing the side effects of using this type of oil.

    • Some fish are known to be contaminated by toxins
    • There is an increased risk of bleeding in a person


Remember that these side effects are few compared to the benefits of daily consumption. Before starting to take this regularly, please consult with your physician to see what he recommends. The usual dosage that the physician recommends is one gram per day for an average person, and your physician will be able to tell you which brand of fish oil would be the best for you to use daily.

Fish Oil is shown to help protect disease again

Fish oil is shown to help protect against these diseases in people, and they are heart disease, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, AHDH, low immunity, cancer, diabetics, inflammation, arthritis, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, eye disorders, macular degeneration, and ulcers. There is more to the list of benefits, but I thought we would start to study one topic on its own.

The first topic that I thought we would cover is the uses that are of benefit to the. The American Heart Association says that clinical tests have shown that omega three is beneficial to the heart. Fish oil, which has a high level of omega three helps to reduce the risk of heart disease; it also helps to lower the LDL “bad” cholesterol and raise the HDL “good” cholesterol in an average person’s body system since it can be consumed daily to help with the triglycerides from gathering and helps to reduce the levels of excess triglycerides.

Fish oil is good for the immunity system

Fish oil is suitable for the immunity systems, and it aids it by fighting against common diseases like the common cold, flu, and coughs. Daily consumption will decrease the amount of inflammatory molecules that are released into our body’s system. These anti-inflammatory effects will help to protect the body against illness, injuries, and certain diseases. The stomach is the first part of defense in the fight for the immune system and with the daily consumption of fatty acids, which has been shown to improve my gut flora, which helps the body to decrease the risk of infections.

Many physicians say to use the capsules that have at least thirty percent EPA/DHA three times daily to help fight against arthritis-related diseases. Using it daily, fish oil will prevent morning stiffness and will help to reduce inflammation. It can also help to treat rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, depression, and Raynaud’s phenomenon. This product serves as an essential nutrient to help promote healthy brain functions, and it may also inhibit RA development.

Reduces tender joints

In nine studies of people with rheumatoid arthritis, daily consumption of omega-three will show a reduction of sore joints with no modification to the damage in the joints. In another six studies of people with rheumatoid arthritis, those six people were able to reduce the use of NSAID’s. In yet another review of fish oil and rheumatoid arthritis, patients that take it daily showed more positive results when they took fish oil combined with olive oil.

Brain health improves with daily use. Research studies are showing that emotional, mental, and psychiatric disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia may be the result of what we eat and what we are deficiencies in than passed down through the family line. This is true also for people who struggle with memory loss, learning a new task, have Alzheimer’s Disease, or someone that has a lot of blue moods. When blood tests are taken on these people, they are shown to be deficiencies in omega-three.

The omega-three compounds

The omega-three compounds known as docosahexaenoic acid is vital to the brains so that it can function at its topmost level. DHA is essential in the functioning of the brain cell membranes, which helps to transmit signals from the brain. By making the brain cell more fluid, omega three, especially DHA, helps to improve the messages between the brain cells. A lack of omega-three in the body can result in a communication breakdown in the brain.

Your body is just like a machine that is lacking oil when it breaks down, and the lack of fish oil will only do that to your brain. The brain’s need for omega three is a process that needs to be built up over a long time and can’t go away overnight. If you don’t feed your brain enough of the right food, the message can get sidetracked and lost. That will mean a disturbance in your moods, concentration, memory, attention, and behavior. Omega three is vital to seniors, if not more important to the people in that age bracket than to younger adults of any age bracket.

Omega three is known to reduce inflammation; omega three can be an essential key factor in the fight against degenerative diseases such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Fish oil is a critical factor to the body and must be kept in supply for the body to draw from or like the brain; the body will have a breakdown or miscommunication of the signals that the body is releasing.