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How To Behave In The Gym



For millions of people visiting the gym regularly to keep in shape or to build muscle is a vital part of their weekly routine. Whether you are a dedicated attendee or a casual gym user, there are rules to abide by, some of which are spelled out clearly and others that are unwritten.

Loud behavior

Everyone who uses the gym should be able to do so without being distracted or irritated by others. Of course, there are different people with varying levels of tolerance, and some will not tend to mind, but a good rule is to avoid overly boisterous voice-raising and certainly to swear.

Take care with the weights

As much as loud behavior is a no-no, so too is dropping or slamming the weights down after you have lifted or finished using them. The sound can annoy or startle someone even if they are in a separate part of the gym, so while you are amid a strain to lift a challenging bar or free weight, try to consider other people around you before you put it down.

Always wipe down the area

This truly is a must, so every time you complete a session on one of the machines, you should wipe down any moisture ahead of the next person’s use. Sweating is a key part of a productive cardio workout, so do not worry about it, but ensure that the machine is dry for the next person who wishes to get on it, not only for etiquette reasons but for hygiene too.

Be fair with your use

If you are using a machine and you can see that it is busy with several people wanting to use a limited amount of treadmills, cross-trainers and exercise bikes, then do not spend more than half an hour using it. If it is less busy, then, by all means, use it for as long as you want.

Put things back where you found them

It is a source of frustration when you want to use a specific weight, but it has been moved from its place on the shelf and put back incorrectly, leaving you to spend time searching for it. If you use a weight, make sure you return it to the spot you retrieved it from. Additionally, if you ever find a problem with a machine or equipment, inform a member of staff before somebody else starts to use it.