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Mental Blockbusters – How To Get Rid Of Your Mental Blocks



Our attitude and perception is one of the strongest Mental BlockBuster. The way we react and see the situations solve half of our problems.

• “The right answer.”
Don’t be stubborn. There’s more than one solution.

• “That’s not logical.” / “Be practical.”
Does it have to be?

• “Follow the rules.”
Challenge them – rules are created for a reason, but time passes and things change.

• “Play is frivolous.”
We experiment in our playtime and get a lot of great ideas when we are in a relaxed state of mind.

• “That’s not my area.”
Value your fresh perspective and bring something new to the table.

• “Don’t be foolish.”
This impacts your self-esteem and is not a productive thought. No idea is a bad idea until it has been tested.

• “To err (make errors) is wrong.”
Be prepared to be wrong and give it a go anyway.

• “I’m not creative.”
Well, who said that? Everyone is creative.

Even if it takes a thousand years, the flower blooms at just the right time. And at the time, a good idea clicks in your head is what the right time is.

But at times, the right attitude and all positivity comes out as not that effective. So we need something practical “in real” thing to fight our Mental Blocks out. So one should try their hands on some mind puzzles scrabbles or crossword games to refresh their minds. It’s like gyming/ exercising for your brain. The more it works out, the more it stays fit and rust-free.

Some of the tried methods also help in busting Mental Block; one of the most effective is Through Reiki and Meditation. Because the mind contained throughout the entire body, illness in any one spot is an indication of a specific mental block. Mental blocks at times are challenging to deal with since they often include changing your belief regarding what all you can do and can’t do. There is no way for one could understand the extent of frustration and self-loathing included in Mental Blocks.

To treat a mind with Reiki healing is to liberate the mindstream from the shackles of long-buried memories and emotions. With the use of Reiki healing, we reverse the tendency to go further astray from the source. Instead, we heal ourselves through the direct application of the source’s very own energy on the body. In this way, you can always come out from the room of doubts and can always switch on the lights of Creativity. By treating the mind in this way, we express our desire for freedom in practical terms by fully accepting things as they are.