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Changing Your Diet after Lap Band Surgery



If you are having severe trouble controlling your weight, you might get to a point when you need to go through lap band surgery. This procedure changes the amount of food your stomach can take in at one time, thereby reducing your desire to overeat. Even though there are significant improvements that come along with this procedure, there are also substantial sacrifices to keep in mind. You will have to change your diet afterward to satisfy your new body. Here is an overview of the lap band surgery dietary changes you may have to make in the future.

1-2 Weeks after Surgery

When you first get out of surgery, your body will not be able to handle any kinds of solid foods. Thus you will have to stick to a liquid diet for close to two weeks as your body heals and makes adjustments. Broth or soup will work well at this time, as long as it does not have any vegetables or meat in it. You could also try drinking skim milk or fruit juice. You may have to take vitamins for dietary supplementation at this time, but you will first need to confirm that with your doctor.

3-4 Weeks after Surgery

This is the time when you can start adding food back into your diet. After being on pure liquids for two weeks, every bite will taste like a feast. Stick with pureed foods, like mashed potatoes, apple sauce, peas, pudding, and low-fat yogurt. This will help your body get used to something slightly substantial without having to process a giant steak.

5 Weeks after Surgery

At this point, you can start eating soft foods. Tender fish, pork, ground turkey, cooked vegetables, and other foods will work well. You will be used to eating smaller, lighter portions by now, so you won’t eat as much as you probably think you will. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. it is just something you might notice as you progress through life after weight loss surgery.

6+ Weeks after Surgery

Once you have slowly worked solid foods back into your system, you can return to a regular diet. You will naturally eat small portions now, and you will probably be used to taking in small bites at a time. Just maintain your nutrient levels and make sure you eat slowly. In time, your new eating regimen will only become a habit for you.