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Dieting Style Dilemas



Dieting is hard work, and even once you reach your goal weight, it seems shockingly easy to undo all that effort. But aiming for a healthy weight, whatever that means for you, should not mean that you have to let go of your taste in, and love of clothes until your goal is reached.

There will always be dieters who stay in their most giant jeans until they can finally buy that longed for size 12 or 14. But this not only knocks your confidence when you look in the mirror and see ill-fitting and unflattering clothes, albeit baggy ones. It will also be discouraging you from sticking with the diet because while you are continuing to hide your newly emerging figure under those saggy layers, you cannot see what is happening – which is a slimmer, fitter, healthier you.

We may not all be able to afford a brand new wardrobe for each size we drop along the way, but with a few key pieces, you will be surprised that a simple shift in the way you view yourself dressed each morning can be the boost you need to achieve your goal weight and more importantly, stay there.

Key Pieces To Own For Each Size


Choose fitted jeans with a slight flare – Bootcut’s are your friend. Do not be fooled into thinking that high-waisted jeans will keep everything ‘tucked in’…they won’t; they will leverage everything up and still spill it out at the top. A high up muffin top is always a muffin top! Instead, go for a pair that sit on your hips. The right pair of jeans will not create a muffin top. (If in doubt, invest in a piece of tummy-slimming shapewear).


Streamlined is the crucial word – clothes that fit close to the body. Don’t go for fussy ruffles or excessive embellishment. These add pounds and may end up highlighting the areas you wanted to hide. Instead, think ‘tailored,’ ‘simple,’ and ‘classic.’ While we may feel hidden under a kaftan style top, ironically, the result is extra, non-existent pounds!

A belt

A cinched-in waist is vital with all curvy figures. It is your smallest part, so don’t be afraid to show it off with a flattering, wide black belt. Make sure it sits at the little point of your body, too low or too high, and it will not be able to do its job!

A dress

If you find a belt uncomfortable, then purchase a dress that has detailing on the waist, such as beading or elegant ruching, instead. Also, a jersey material in a wrap or draping style dress is perfect for highlighting your favorite features, such as the décolletage and waist.


Neutrals in the brown/gold color family and navy are great for curvier figures. Alternatively, bright jewels or rich reds in simple items will accentuate your gorgeous figure.

Keep at least one of each of these pieces in your wardrobe to dress your new body as it emerges. They are easy to find an affordable, and since you are putting in so much effort, you deserve to treat yourself. Once you are finished with the clothes, eBay them or pass them on to a friend who will appreciate them as much as you did! Good luck.