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Tips for Pharmaceutical Climate Controlled Storage



You might be thinking that only large companies and multi-national corporations can justify the cost of maintaining their merchandise in temperature-controlled storage warehousing. Still, in today’s new self-storage world, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Today the storage industry has expanded its products and services to include diversity in storage options.

If you’re a small business and need storage space electronically climate-controlled to prevent external conditions from jeopardizing the integrity of your products and samples, you’ll find self-storage units are an affordable choice. One of the major sectors that can benefit from temperature-controlled storage is the pharmaceutical business.

Home Freezer/Fridge?

Although residential refrigerators may be adequate for storing small amounts of low-risk products such as contact lens solution, it is not advisable to use refrigerators if you need storage space for larger amounts of medications or when your products are high-risk (like blood and vaccines) and should remain in a temperature range recommended by the manufacturer. Other reasons that a temperature-controlled room is preferable to domestic refrigerators are:

  • Products placed near the refrigerator door could be susceptible to failure in maintaining temperature minimums when the door is opened and closed repeatedly.
  • Contents may come in contact with the refrigerator’s coil and chiller plate, causing temperatures to fall below the minimum recommended.
  • Because of the lack of precise climate control, keeping a record of the uniform temperatures continuously cannot not be performed accurately from outside the refrigerator.
  • An alarm indicating a temperature fluctuation would be difficult and expensive to install on a refrigerator, and in the event of a power-outage, a battery backup must be maintained.
  • Recording of the load rather than the air temperature is preferable and more difficult in a residential refrigerator.

Advantage: Self-Storage Temperature Controlled Units

Cold room storage is an excellent solution for the majority of medical products where instructions specify they not be stored above 25°C.  A self-storage temperature-controlled unit can ensure products are not exposed to extreme hot or cold. If you have the need for storage space that maintains a constant temperature, it will help avoid the compromise of products before they reach your customers.

Other reasons temperature/cold room storage is preferable to a traditional warehousing environment is:

  • Cold room storage has a reduction in human error.
  • Cold room equipment is professionally and properly maintained.
  • Warehouses must continuously be mapped to determine proper temperature distribution.
  • Windows in a warehouse can cause sunlight to alter temperatures significantly.
  • Inadequate insulation and warehouse heaters can also be problematic when pharmaceuticals are exposed to inconsistent conditions.

New Self-Storage Technology

When you need storage space off-site for your pharmaceuticals and medical devices, today’s self-storage is the answer you’ve been looking for. Traditional self-storage has expanded to include not only state-of-the-art climate control rooms, but some innovative and forward-thinking companies have begun catering to a whole range of storage needs.

You’ll find that some companies are now offering custom services such as delivery and dispatching of products directly into your storage unit, secure access to samples and sales collateral at your convenience, and many provide on-site meeting and conference rooms. With the business world changing at lightning speed and entrepreneurship at an all-time high, pharmaceutical temperature-controlled self-storage is the most convenient and safe way to assist you when you need worry-free storage space.