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Reasons to Take Creatine as a Supplement for Muscle Building



If you have ever heard about nutritional supplements, you are very much familiar with the word “Creatine”. It is a chemical usually found in the human body. Normally it is secreted by the liver and kidney by the body and can also be obtained from certain foods.

Over the last thirty years, creatine is considered as the most scientifically significant supplement used for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle mass. Mostly guys looking to build strength and lean muscle mass such as bodybuilders and athletes preferred this supplement. But while its popularity encounters among several bodybuilders, many people are still unfamiliar with what the creatine supplement truly offers.

Creatine as a supplement offers numerous benefits. The main thing you should know is what it does at the cellular level because the creatine level in your body can affect nearly every cell of the body. Believe it or not, creatine is a known and very popular supplement for over a century.

One of the basic explanations of its efficacy is that it is the active transport of ADP. Widely the product is used by various professional and amateur athletes and has been acknowledged by several famous athletes such as Sammy Sosa, John Elway, and Mark McGuire.

Apart from improving athlete performance, creatine also used for congestive heart failure, diseases for the muscles and nerves, Parkinson’s disease, bipolar disorder, Gyrate atrophy (an eye disease), high cholesterol, depression, and many other diseases. In addition, it is used to slow the worsening of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and for various muscular dystrophies.

Reasons to add Creatine

Here are some of the best reasons to add creatine as a supplement to your daily regimen. Take a close look at them:

  • Creatine improves athletic performance during high-intensity exercise such as sprinting and other workout training.
  • It might slow the worsening of some symptoms of diseases in people with early Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Those people suffering from muscle disease such as muscular dystrophy, it helps in improving strength.
  • An eye disease called gyrate atrophy, it helps in slowing loss of sight in this disease.
  • Creatine increases endurance and strength in people suffering from heart diseases or heart failure.
  • It improves muscle disease symptoms called McArdle’s disease.

Moreover, some evidence is also considered that its high dose on daily basis can increase exercise capacity and decrease muscle pain in patients having McArdle’s disease.

Many Verities Available, One Choice

As we all know, the market is flooded with several kinds of best creatine supplements these days. One of the effective supplements is the one containing an appropriate degree of creatine monohydrate (CM). A supplement containing creatine monohydrate is incredibly well studied and yet no side effect has been noticed with this kind of supplement. It is easy to digest as 99 percent is either absorbed by muscle tissue or excreted through urine or sweat. Making your choice with a creatine monohydrate supplement is simply your best and cheapest one.

At last, before purchasing any kind of supplement, it is recommendable to research well and then make your choice as some of the supplements have worse side effects on your body.