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Five Major Health Benefits You Can Enjoy by Exercising



Exercise is an activity that everyone must engage in so that they can keep their health the best possible. There are a number of great benefits to getting regular exercise. In general, exercising can help you to look and feel better. In addition, you will have a lot more energy and can even end up living a longer life when you exercise on a regular basis. Everyone can reap the rewards of exercising, no matter what their gender, age, or even physical ability. Here are five major health benefits you can enjoy.

#1 — Prevents Disease

Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent a number of diseases. Engaging in any number of exercise activities can help to combat heart disease, bad cholesterol, and keeps the blood flowing smoothly, which reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. You can also prevent stroke, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, various types of cancer, and even depression. You can even boost your good cholesterol or HDL when you engage in regular physical activity. When you exercise regularly, you reduce your risk of needing NYU aorta aneurysm surgery.

#2 — Improves Mood

If you find yourself frequently down in the dumps and moody, starting an exercise routine can help you to improve your mood. Physical activity boosts your mood as it stimulates your brain chemicals, resulting in a more relaxed feeling that leaves you happier. In addition, your self-esteem gets a boost when you exercise because of the physical changes it allows your body to undergo, which can lead to you feeling better about your appearance. The improvement in your mood that you gain from exercise can push you even harder, and you may even find yourself engaging in even more physical activities.

#3 — Controls Weight

Of course, one of the biggest health benefits of exercising is that you can control your weight. Not only can you maintain your current weight, but you can also lose weight when you exercise. The continuous physical activity allows you to burn calories, and you can do this by exercising for only 30 minutes per day. Even if you don’t have time to join a gym or go running, you can get exercise in basic ways throughout the day, such as taking the stairs instead of riding an elevator or escalator.

#2 — Sparks Energy

Exercise can help you to feel more energetic. When you engage in regular physical activity, you will find that you have better stamina and endurance for your everyday activities as well. Your cardiovascular system is improved, your muscles become more supple and you will find yourself able to go longer, no matter what you are doing.

#1 — Improves Sleep

Exercise helps you to fall asleep better and to stay asleep longer. It also allows you to enjoy a deeper sleep with fewer interruptions. It should be noted, however, that you should avoid exercising too close to your bedtime as that can keep you awake.