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3 Different Ways of Starting a Vegetable Garden



We all know that eating healthy means supplementing our meals with some of the green stuff, but many people avoid shop-bought vegetables because of concerns over price or farming methods. If that sounds like you, have you ever considered growing your own?

Think about it – the seeds are much cheaper than supermarket prices and more often than not home-grown goods taste a lot better. Why wouldn’t you grow your own vegetables?

Invite your friends round to taste your new batch of tomatoes, experiment with the things you’re growing, sell excess veg to neighbors, the possibilities are endless.

In this blog, we’ll look at 3 different ways to start your own vegetable garden today.

Traditional garden

The first way that you can start growing your own vegetable patch is to use the space you have in your garden. Depending on what you’re growing you probably won’t need much to start with. You can grow vegetables in anything as small as a window box so no excuses.

Have a look at the soil in your garden. The ideal soil for veg growth is slightly acidic. Don’t worry if you’re new to gardening – you can pick up a soil tester for pennies that should let you know if the mud you have is acidic. If the test goes orange then bingo, you have the perfect soil for veg. If not, pop down to your local garden center and ask what they suggest.

Your plot should ideally be situated by a sunny fence or wall. Once everything is prepared, plant your seeds and make sure that you have all the equipment that you need.


If you live in an apartment block and live on a budget then growing your own veg doesn’t seem viable. Lucky for you, there is a way.

It’s called hydroponics and in its simplest terms, it’s the art of growing plant life without the soil. If you have a balcony or a little bit of space somewhere in your apartment you can purchase, or create your own hydroponic system and start growing.

Everything you need to start hydroponic growing can be purchased online, from grow light kits, to the nutrients. There are so many techniques in hydroponics, some complicated, some simple.

Unfortunately, the scope of this blog can’t accommodate each of these techniques but a quick Google search should give you some answers.


If you want a vegetable patch but don’t have space and don’t think hydroponics is for you, then why not consider hiring an allotment? It’ll mean that you can still get down and dirty when it comes to gardening and grow plenty of your very own vegetables.

Remember though, an allotment can be a quite expensive thing so do your research beforehand. With your very own vegetable patch, you’ll be growing your own greens in no time.