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Chlorogenic Acid and Green Coffee Bean Extract: What You Should Know



Everyone knows that the start of every year begins a big push for weight loss as people are desperately trying to find the next secret to dropping those unwanted pounds.  One of the products that have continued to grow in popularity is green coffee bean extract and its secret ingredient called chlorogenic acid.

Even though green coffee beans have been around for a long time and plenty of people buy them to roast their own fresh-brewed coffee, not many of us realized that green coffee has an ingredient inside that can actually help you to lose weight.

Chlorogenic Acid is actually found in roasted coffee beans as well but the amounts are very low. Since coffee beans are generally roasted at close to 475 degrees, the chlorogenic acid is basically burned off and loses its potency and fat burning abilities.

Scientists have been able to identify this acid as the main substance in green coffee beans that helps to oxidize fat and ultimately help you to lose pounds.  Unlike some products that pop up on the market, there was a pretty extensive, double-blind study done on the green coffee extract and the results were quite impressive.

During the study, participants were documented to lose an average of 17lbs each and this was without any major changes in their normal diets or any addition of new exercise.  This was a major finding because it showed that these overweight users were able to lose a significant amount of weight just by taking the green coffee extract supplement.

One of the big questions that come up is whether or not you can just drink more coffee and still get the same benefits. The short answer to that question is “no,” because as explained earlier, regular coffee does not contain the same amounts of chlorogenic acid.

When you take a green coffee bean extract supplement, the beans have been soaked and the main ingredient is then extracted and dried to make a capsule.  This makes it far more concentrated, and ultimately more effective when compared to drinking a regular cup of coffee.

As with many products that come along, the power of the green coffee extract was virtually unknown until it started getting a little exposure in the national media.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan was one of the first doctors who came out publically to discuss the effect of this extract on weight loss.  As a guest speaker on the Dr. Oz show, he was able to explain in detail why it works and he also helped to give credibility to the clinical trial that was conducted on the extract.

Needless to say, green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid are not magic bullets for weight loss. You will always need to take certain personal steps to ensure long term weight loss. However, they have been proven in legitimate studies to have a real impact on losing both weight and inches.

If you decide to start a new weight loss routine with green coffee extract, make sure to always check with your doctor first. In addition, you will want to use a supplement that offers over 500mg of chlorogenic acid.  Avoid inferior brands that are unlikely to provide you with measurable results.