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3 Top Deadliest Drinks in the World



Lots of people like a drink every now and again. And, while the majority are seen as ‘innocent’ drinks when consumed in moderation, others are downright dangerous. The following drinks should be avoided at all costs because they are certainly not going to do your body any favors and in many cases, they can be lethal.


Moonshine production can be traced back many years, and so can the cases of extreme illness and death due to its use. Homebrewed moonshine can result in a number of dangerous chemicals in the final product including glycol, lead, and toxic levels of methanol. Production methods are varied but include the use of car radiators, household radiators, and old metal drums, all of which can leak dangerous materials into the mix.

With numerous stories of moonshine deaths across the world, it is a drink that should definitely be avoided at all costs. Even those that escape death are sometimes left with brain damage or blindness.


Absinthe has seen something of a revival in recent years, has become a part of pop culture. It is seen as the party drink for those looking to take things to the next level. While it may seem like a good idea to some at the time, it really can damage the body. It was made illegal in the 19th Century as it was being blamed for causing mental illness, tuberculosis, and epilepsy. It is not illegal anymore but is definitely not an advisable substance to put into your body as it has an alcohol level of around 60%.

If you value your health in any way, stay away from Absinthe. Drinks such as this are not designed for relaxing social events, but specifically to make people as drunk as possible. People drinking substances such as this regularly should probably seek help from one of their local alcohol treatment centers as it is not a good habit to get into.

Energy Drinks

Yes, that’s right – energy drinks. It is not just alcoholic drinks that can have deadly effects. As the craze of energy drinks in the last few years has resulted in some extremely suspect deaths, energy drinks are highly dangerous. Investigations are still ongoing as to the actual cause of death, but experts are saying that the incredibly high concentrations of caffeine and other stimulants are causing heart irregularities, and other cardiac problems, especially in children.

Cardiac rhythm disturbances have been reported in a huge number of cases. This is one reason why many of these drinks are now being sold as dietary supplements that are required to have a recommended daily amount. People with underlying heart problems have been known to encounter problems after consuming just one can of energy drink, indicating that it’s something best avoided altogether.

It’s time people started taking their health, and wellbeing into their own hands instead of relying on the government and popular culture to tell them what’s ‘okay’. Just because something is sold in a bar or a shop, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe or a good idea.