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Chlorine-The Killer that Keeps on Killing



Good water is essential to our happy, healthy existence. Nothing is clearer. If you are drinking and showering in chlorinated water (which makes up 98% of the public water supply), your health and appearance may suffer. Just think of what happens when you swim in a chlorinated pool with your eyes open.

Chlorine, like pesticides and antibiotics, kills off potential pestilences. The spread of potentially fatal pathogens through public water supplies, typical in the 19th and early 20th centuries, has become unheard of in the U.S. because of chlorine. Water must be chlorinated on the front end. But it is just as crucial that it be dechlorinated on the back end – before consumption. Chlorine is a germ killer that keeps on killing. It doesn’t know the difference between Cholera and the agents of your body’s immune system. The following is a list of reasons drinking chlorinated water may be detrimental to your body’s integrity:

  • When chlorine interacts with substances naturally occurring in water (e.g., minerals like magnesium and calcium) and with foreign elements that are in the water supply (e.g., pesticides), trihalomethanes (THMs), such as chloroform, are formed. Although the evidence is not entirely conclusive, the Environmental Protection Agency finds that a linkage between THMs and cancer, as well as reproductive and developmental maladies, is entirely possible.
  • The California Department of Health (CDH) reported in 1998 that women who drank water with a THM concentration of 75 parts per billion (the THM concentration of the proudly green city of Burlington, Vermont) doubled their risk of miscarrying a child. The miscarriage rate skyrocketed from 9.5% to 16%.
  • Dr. Joseph Price claimed, in his 1969 book Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine (the findings of which have been disputed), that it is not cholesterol on its own that causes heart disease. He argues that it is the cholesterol that has reacted with chlorine that causes arterial clogging and heart attacks. Because of a study that Dr. Price conducted on chickens, which showed that chlorinated water led to circulation problems and heart disease in the birds, the poultry industry to this day uses dechlorinated water.

You, too, can dechlorinate your water. The best way to do so is with a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) water filter that treats your house’s whole water supply, such as those offered by LifeSource Water. Don’t haphazardly fix the problem by buying bottled drinking water, which is terrible for the environment, or using small filters for specific water supplies, which need to be replaced frequently and often aren’t up to the task in the first place. By getting a filtration system for the whole house, you are doing the most responsible thing for your family’s health, for the environment, and your bank account.