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Tips for Disguising and Treating Sunken Eyes



While many people think that sunken eyes are a problem that only older people experience, the truth is that people of any age can have them, and while it is true that genetics plays a part, there are other factors too. For example, if you are young and have been trying to lose weight quickly, you might experience dark circles under your eyes caused by fat loss in the delicate skin of the under-eye area. This causes blood in tiny capillaries beneath the eyes to become visible through the skin, which can give your eyes that sunken look.

Luckily, there are many ways of treating and concealing the problem. First of all, here are some makeup tips that can help. The main thing is that you need to know which products to use and which to avoid.

Firstly, steer clear of heavy eyeshadows as these can emphasize the problem even more. Try applying a little of your usual foundation cream to both your upper and lower eyelids after the skin has completely absorbed your eye cream. Just pat the foundation into your skin very gently with the tip of your ring finger. Never rub foundation into this area, just patting it on, is all you need as any rubbing can only make matters worse.

For under-eye circles, a good concealer can become your new best friend! It is an excellent idea to go to a department store where makeup counters have staff on duty to advise – as it is difficult for a beginner to know the right type for their skin as concealers come in three different models, liquids, creams, and applicator sticks. Also, choosing the right color for your skin-tone is tricky, and in the case of concealers, what is going to be most effective for you, may not be what you expect at all! For example, did you know that yellow is brilliant for disguising dark shadows?

To apply concealer effectively, less is more! Start with the very smallest amount and build up the level of cover you need in delicate layers by gently adding a little more – and a little more, until the desired effect is achieved. Trying to cover the problem with one thick layer will be a disaster and look awful! As mentioned with the foundation trick above, never rub in concealer – pat gently with your fingertip to blend it.

When Concealer Is Not Enough

There may come a time when you feel that your efforts at disguising dark circles and that sunken look aren’t effective enough anymore. This may be the time to think about a cosmetic surgery procedure. One which is becoming hugely popular for this particular problem is called “Fat Grafting.” This procedure is where fat cells are taken from one part of the body (usually from the thighs, buttocks or the tummy) and are specially treated to ensure that only healthy fat cells are re-injected into the skin of the under-eye area to plump out the skin, giving a much more youthful look.

Although this is a surgical procedure, it is pretty non-invasive. Usually, only a sedative or local anesthetic will be administered; there is no need for a general anesthetic. The process is not painful, although it can be a little uncomfortable once the local anesthesia wears off. Bruising and swelling after this procedure is common and can be pretty nervous, so painkillers are prescribed for this.

The beneficial effects of a fat grafting procedure can last for up to three years but, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are some risks to be considered so if you are thinking about fat grafting, have a consultation so that you can ask all the questions you have about any chance of scarring or infection before you make up your mind.

If you are not sure about whether cosmetic surgery is right for you, please visit author Alison Graham’s website,, for information on other options for anti-aging treatments for the eye area. You will find lots of other great articles and tips on the site too!