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House Guests You Certainly Don’t Want



Pests and Bugs that Love a Filthy Home

Do you keep your home in good order? It can be a pain continually scrubbing, disinfecting, mopping, disinfecting, scraping, and repeat. No one enjoys it, but it is essential to keep your home in good order and, importantly, hygienic. Here we look at some of the worst critters and creepy crawlies that will have you clambering for the cleaning products.

Rats & Mice

The most commonly noted and lamented house guests, rodents like rats and mice, are ubiquitous, more so in older homes where they use runways in the walls for access. Rats and mice walk hand in hand with disease and are common carriers of Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease). Rats pass the infection in their urine, which can get into food and water sources and can be extremely dangerous to humans, in some cases causing kidney failure. This is only 1 of over 70 diseases carried by rats.

Additionally, you can often tell if it is rats or mice that you have by one rather disgusting characteristic. Mice are chronically incontinent and, as such, will leave droppings and urine anywhere, whereas rats tend to use selected areas.

Varied Carpet Beetles

You can try naming them John, Paul, George, and Ringo, but that still won’t make these destructive pests any more palatable. The larvae of these Beetles (with the adorable name ‘Woolly Bear”) are the main culprit as when the beetles lay their eggs in and around furniture and skirting boards the larvae hatch and begin feasting on everything from furniture clothing and carpets.

In awful cases where they go unnoticed for some time, they can do severe damage to the edge of carpets in particular as they spread around the edges of a room.


One of the most disgusting creatures you are ever likely to find in your home. If you have reached the stage where you are finding larvae in your home, then you seriously need to rethink your cleaning schedule (if you have one). One of the most common ways that worms will get into your home is through not throwing out rubbish bags regularly or leaving food on surfaces for an extended period.

This is mostly caused as individual flies like to lay their larvae in rotting meat, which will sustain the hatched maggots. They will, in turn, become flies and lay more eggs continuing this most disagreeable cycle.

So how do we fight the war on such unwanted guests? Through good old fashioned cleanliness. You would certainly rather be next to godliness than any of these little visitors, so having a regular cleaning regime is critical. Keeping your home clean using disinfectant will rid you of bacteria or any diseased on work-tops and floors, while precise hovering in all the nooks and crannies will ensure that you aren’t leaving any crumbs of food that could be attractive to pests.

If you find that you have carpet beetles, these can be far more difficult to get rid of entirely. Using non-toxic bug sprays and powders around the entire edge of a room is the best course of action as it will kill any bugs lurking throughout while being safe enough to use in a house with children or pets.

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