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How to Protect Your Property from Unwanted Guests



How to protect your property from unwanted guests

When our homes look as beautiful as they can, and perfectly aligned to our own style and tastes, we can wake each morning feeling happy and motivated. That’s why interior décor and design is so important, but sometimes external factors can have a negative impact in the form of some very unwanted guests.

I’m talking about guests of the four-legged variety: more specifically rats and other rodents. The rat population is on the increase across America, so it’s important to be able to spot the signs of a rat presence within your home, and to know how to remove or prevent it. Our handy guide below has all the information you need.

Know the Rodent Warning Signs

Your home is not only a beautiful place for your family to live, but for rodents such as rats to live too. They love the warm, dry atmosphere of modern homes, and if you don’t know the warning signs, you might not realize they’re there until one rodent becomes an infestation of them.

Rodents are more likely to be found in cellars or attics, and tell-tale signs include scurrying, scratching or squeaking noises coming from those areas, especially at night. A sure sign is rodent droppings, and scratches or the signs of gnawing on cables and insulation.

Rodents will also leave a smudged, greasy trail; mice will typically travel along the floor but rats have much poorer eyesight, so greasy trails around perimeters are more likely to be them.

What Damage Can Rats Cause?

A rat presence within your home can be damaging to your property, and to the health of everyone who lives within it. Rats love to gnaw on things, and that can cause serious structural damage over time, as well as ruining beautiful upholstery and household items.

They can also bring with them a wide range of unpleasant diseases, many of which can be serious threats to your health. These can include Weil’s Disease, ringworm, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which can prove fatal.

They can also trigger allergies, and can be particularly harmful to children or adults with weakened immune systems.

How to Take Action Against Rats in Your Home

If you have a rat infestation, you should call pest control experts immediately, but prevention is always the best form of cure.

That’s why it makes sense to use the expert solutions from companies such as Attic Projects Services; they’re specialists in rodent proofing for domestic and commercial properties, and can find the most effective way to keep rats out of your home.

These experts know how to locate the entry points used by rats and rodents, and then seal these roots making it impossible for them to gain access to your attic, cellar or rooms. Taking these rat prevention measures also means that you won’t need to have unsightly and unpleasant traps in your room.

Rats in the home can be the most unpleasant visitors of all, causing sleepless nights as well as bringing major health risks. Securing your home against these pests can cost less than you think, and it also means that you can sleep well, safe in the knowledge that you and your loved ones are being protected effectively and humanely.

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