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Will Your Occupation Lead To Osteoarthritis?



Osteoarthritis is more common than you think.

It is a type of arthritis that can arise in several ways: these being through your genes, through an injury, through being obese and just through being old. Basically your joints suffer damage and cannot repair themselves. It is really painful and can be quite debilitating. There is no real cure, though there are treatments that relive the symptoms.

But what if you’re young and healthy? The idea of osteoarthritis may seem distant and something that other people get.

Well, if you want to stay healthy and reduce your chances of getting osteoarthritis, you may want to avoid these occupations, as they could easily be where you start seeing the early symptoms.

Office Worker

Any job where you sit stationary for long periods of the day could set you on a path to illnesses such as stress, back joint pain, repetitive strain injury, and obesity. Even regular exercise outside of work may not save you form one or all of these afflictions; you need to take regular breaks throughout the day for some kind of exercise.

Professional Sports Person

When you put extreme strain on your joints, your chance of picking up an injury increases dramatically. Luckily you will probably have excellent physiotherapy support, which should help you avoid damage or treat it quickly to reduce the injuries impact.

Truck Driver

Truckers spend almost their entire day sat in their seat, burning few calories, and when they stop, it is often to eat less than perfect food. Truckers can consider themselves one of the most at-risk groups because of the risk of obesity and due to regular heavy lifting and its impact on their joints.

Manual Labourer

Joint injuries are almost as common in the manual laboring world as it is in that of professional sportspeople. Plus, people tend to work in manual labor until they are much older than most sportspeople, so their chances increase again.

And the Best Jobs for Avoiding Osteoarthritis?

Fitness Instructor

Unlike professional sportspeople, fitness instructors tend not to put any extreme strain on their joints. Though their regular lower level exercise is perfect for maintaining healthy body weight and strong joints.


Florists enjoy one of the least stressful jobs in the world and are least likely to get injured or become obese.

Sadly, even if you avoid all of the danger occupations or seek out one of the least dangerous ones, you still can’t prevent osteoarthritis received through your genes or because of your age.

Hanna Jones was a professional sportsman but had to stop after getting osteoarthritis. He can still work, though, thanks to a special osteoarthritis treatment.