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How To Recover After A Traumatic Car Accident



Experiencing a severe car accident can lead to physical and emotional trauma for many people. Trauma following a crash can lead to conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of sleep, anxiety, and phobias. Fortunately, most people can recover after surviving a traumatic car accident. If you or a loved one is facing this issue, read on to learn more about how these trauma cases can be effectively resolved using Somatic Experiencing techniques.

Moving Beyond the Traumatic Moment

When dealing with survivors of traumatic car accidents, psychologists may have the person talk about the first moment they felt a sense of safety after the accident occurred. This technique helps the patient move past the trauma by instilling a sense of calmness and security. Reminding the patient that the fear and anger felt at the time of the accident was replaced later by feeling safe and secure afterward allows the nervous system to change to a state of relaxation instead of agitation. Our brains automatically create snapshots of traumatic events at their most dangerous moment. These snapshots can continue to fuel future fears that the event will happen again. Remembering the first time they felt safe after this snapshot is quite effective at allowing them to feel safe in the present.

Creating a Safety Loop

Once the patient has firmly identified the first time they felt safe after the car accident, they can use this memory to interrupt their thought process whenever they begin to remember the traumatic event. Actively guiding the patient from the feelings of trauma towards feelings of safety is a technique that psychologists use to create a loop. With the implementation of this loop, the patient can learn to quickly change from feelings of fear and anxiety to feelings of calmness and safety.

Re-visiting the Moment before the Accident

By re-imagining the moments right before the car accident occurred, the patient is able to process their emotions and work through different reactions that they could have had to the event. This helps to relieve the patient of leftover negative energy associated with the event. The nervous system begins to feel control over the event when the moment that leads up to it is repeatedly revisited using this technique.

Minimizing the Event

Over time, these techniques will allow the patient to slow down the fast-paced agitation connected to the event. They will learn how to achieve a sense of awareness and put the accident in their past instead of constantly bringing it into their present and future. The feelings of fear and intense panic will gradually decrease and the accident is acknowledged as a past event that has no direct or urgent effect on the present time.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a traumatic car accident, contact an Accident Lawyer Nashville to find out if you qualify for representation. These lawyers can help you or your loved one receive compensation from insurance companies and at-fault drivers that can be used to pay for medical bills and extended therapy if needed.