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5 Reasons Why Car Accident Injuries are Taking So Long to Heal



5 reasons why car accident injuries are taking so long to heal

If you have gone through a car accident, you need to know that it wasn’t your fault. Even if you were found to be legally at fault, the trauma of the accident is undeserved. Nobody should have to go through something so terrible as recovering from a car accident while thinking that they were the ones to blame.

So whether you have an accident in a company vehicle, or whether you crashed your own car, you deserve all the help you can get. With that in mind, here are five reasons why, after weeks of waiting, those car accident wounds haven’t healed yet…

5 Reasons your Car Accident Wounds won’t heal

There are a handful of reasons why your car accident injuries aren’t recovered yet. Let’s look at the five main ones to give you an idea of where to start.

1 – Stress

The stress of an accident has understandably gotten to you. Accidents are traumatic experiences where you might well see your life flash before your eyes. Nobody hops right back on the wagon after one. It takes intensive therapy and months of time to be able to talk about it, let alone deal with it in a mentally healthy way. Get mental health help to avoid stress stopping your healing process. Also known to make healing take longer are anxiety and depression.

2 – Obesity

Do you weigh a little more than normal? Being overweight is listed as one of the biggest factors in wound recovery. The Journal of Dental research has detailed studies into this and found that those with excess weight took longer to recover all round. If we apply those dentistry principles to a car accident injury, the same rules can be found.

3 – Smoking

If you are a smoker, you are further inhibiting the healing process. This applies to drinking and illicit drug use, too. Your doctor will issue you with the best medications to help you heal. If you don’t take them, or if you take other things while you are on them, their effect can be lessened, changed, or (in the case of antibiotics and alcohol) completely nullified.

4 – Diet

Are you getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables? Or are you the type to eat trash and pop a vitamin pill once a day? Eating a fulsome, balanced diet on a day-to-day basis, greatly increases your recovery times. Why? Nutrition is necessary for the body to repair damaged cells or build new DNA. Without the right foods, this doesn’t happen. Eat right to recover well.

5 – Sleep

More specifically: a lack of sleep. Not getting an early night once in a while does our bodies more damage than we know. It means that we don’t have the time our body’s need to build those new cells or to repair the damage done. You also build muscle mass and expel toxins in your sleep, so a lack of it can be a huge problem. Try sleeping more and see if your recovery time speeds up.

The Biggest Cause of an Injury Not Healing is Time

You put unnecessary pressure on yourself when you want a wound to heal faster. You might get back out there too soon and hurt yourself worse. Give it time and space, and all things will eventually be well.