America is the World’s Fattest Country and Still Growing

America has long been considered the fattest in the world. They are currently number one worldwide in the developed nations. In the population of aged 20 and above 2/3 are overweight and almost 1/3 is obese. This leaves only a miniscule percentage in their 20s at a healthy weight. Things could get worse by 2030 when the demographic for obesity rises to ½.

It was since 1980 when the obesity in America rose from 50% to 30%. It is also the most unhealthy nation, despite its worldwide popularity.

Americans enjoy a high quality of life, being the most powerful economy in the world. With the proliferation of eateries in downtown cities and a consistent addition of hi-fat fast food into the typical American diet, the country is exposed to weight gaining factors.

The world’s fattest belong to Nauru. More than 90% of them are obese, with the statistic calculated as 97% for men and 93% for women. Even in American Hawaii the obese are also common.

An Alabama group, lead by Dr. David B. Allison, dissatisfied by the repeated association  of obesity with food and exercise, proposed ten other reasons why Americans gain weight. These include the environmental and social and genetic factors.

Obesity in America is a serious concern. It affects one’s lifestyle and self-image, and has many disadvantages and complications. It cost about $ 240 billion to address obesity problems in medicine.

The Necessary Precaution

There are more than 500 million obese individuals in the world. This number can be increased or decreased like your waistline. Remember that obesity is completely preventable. Take action immediately when the warning signs of an expanding weight concur with grave health complications. A visit to your obesity doctor is a must.

The obesity statistics worldwide relay that approximately one in 10 of the world’s adult population is an obese individual.  It actually takes three times as much lives than being unhealthily underweight. The fat deposits in one’s body contribute to heart failure and the complications simply pile on.

Back to the Thin of Things

Americans are one of the fattest in world, ranking number eight, being preceded by seven small island nations which include Micronesia, Somoa, and Pulau.

Leading world organization WHO developed a 2008-2013 Action Plan for controlling obesity. These measures are physical initiatives and weight loss actions and implementation. Another thing to consider is have proper food technology and preparation It is not good to be obese, even if it is caused by various transportation, urbanizing and cultural factors which form a person. Yes, this person is situated into a particular community. Then this community can also be the means for getting healthier.

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