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Exercise And Fitness – How Do You Decide The Best Option?



There is no doubt that exercise plays a pivotal role in our overall fitness and health in general. Regular exercise is a vital element of our health regime. In reality, there are various forms of exercise that can be undertaken which can either be accessed through a resource such as a gym or without the need for any additional facilities.

These can include jogging, swimming, or aerobic workouts, which are normally termed, cardiovascular workouts, which can be enjoyed at very little expense, whilst for those who may well take their fitness more seriously and require more motivation, a gym membership provides access to a wide array of fitness equipment, which is aimed at providing the ultimate workout in the least amount of time.

When it comes down to deciding the type of exercise undertaken, this is usually determined by various factors such as:

What is the aim or goal of the exercise routine?

Is it to simply improve your general fitness or is it to achieve a specific goal such as weight loss?

Additional factors that are generally taken into account regarding the most effective form of exercise also include:


The age we decide to undertake the exercise also plays an important role in deciding the most suitable form of exercise. For an individual who is aged 60 +, a form of high impact aerobics may well not be ideal, whilst swimming or aqua aerobics may well fit the bill or alternatively a more sedentary form of exercises such as Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi.


For many, especially in the current economic climate, the expense of a gym membership or the purchase of expensive fitness-related equipment may well be beyond their means


For many people who have work and family commitments one of the inherent difficulties is simply finding the time to exercise.


There is no doubt as various studies have shown that motivation plays a big part in terms of achieving your fitness goals. Generally, those who partake in team sports or who are within a motivational environment will perform at a higher level, which in turn means a better and more productive workout.

Whatever the reasons for partaking in sport or a fitness regime, the fact remains that regular exercise has been shown to have a positive effect overall and improve many facets of the health of the individual concerned. So make your decision and go for it!