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Are Treatments With Bioidentical Hormones Right For You?



Hormone replacement therapy is an approach that involved the identification of some type of hormonal imbalance and then implementing a treatment series that helps to correct the problem. Therapy if this type has helped many men and women who began to experience unpleasant physical and emotional side effects for no apparent reason. Among the different forms of replacement therapy is a process that is known as bioidentical hormone therapy.

How Does This Therapy Work?

The use of bioidentical hormones involves the matching of hormones with those of the patient. As part of the process, the attending physical physician will attempt to match the hormones that will be introduced into the system with the hormones that are naturally produced by the patient. When successful, the two sets of hormones are virtually identical on a molecular level. This helps to increase the chances that the body will treat those additional hormones as if they were being produced naturally.

As with other forms of hormone therapy, these bioidentical hormones may be introduced into the system by means of injections or by an IV drip. There are also hormone patches that may be used in certain circumstances. The attending physician will work with the patient to determine the treatment method that is likely to provide the best results.

What Can This Therapy Do For Me?

Choosing to receive bioidentical hormones can help to alleviate a wide range of health issues that occur when there is some type of imbalance of the natural hormones in the body. While this type of therapy is more often thought of as a way to aid women who are going through menopause, that is only one application of this type of therapy. In fact, men are also candidates and could benefit greatly from talking with a doctor about this form of treatment.

One of the most powerful things about hormone therapy, in general, is that it can help restore a more balanced emotional state. Men and women who are currently experiencing some sort of hormonal imbalance exhibit a number of mental and emotional signs that something is wrong. In milder cases, the symptoms may include increased difficulty in managing tasks that were once very easy to perform. The patient may have trouble focusing attention long enough to hold a conversation. Mood changes are very common, allowing the patient to be perfectly calm one moment and suddenly become agitated for no apparent reason.

Under the care of a competent physician, these bioidentical hormones can be introduced into the system and begin to minimize these emotional and mental issues. As the therapy progresses, the patient will enjoy a more balanced mood and find it much easier to take care of common tasks around the home. Thanks to the enhanced mood, it will be easier to participate in social situations. Even if the individual had begun to pull away from activities that he or she once enjoyed, the hormone therapy will likely result in a renewed interest in those activities.

The Physical Benefits of Hormone Therapy

Receiving bioidentical hormones also results in correcting the physical manifestations of hormonal imbalances. It is not unusual for people who had reported extreme problems with lethargy to begin feeling more energized. Sleep problems are also likely to disappear, allowing the patient to enjoy more recuperative sleep. When it comes to interest in sexual activity, men and women both are likely to find that they enjoy the sensations of intimacy to a degree they haven’t experienced in some time.

Do I Need this Therapy?

The only way to know if you are a candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy is to talk with a medical professional. Tests can confirm if an imbalance exists and aid in structuring the treatments to the best advantage. From there, it is a matter of monitoring the progress and reporting your experiences to the physician. Doing so will make it much easier to adjust the treatments when and as needed.