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5 Ways in Which You Can Balance Your Hormones Naturally



5 ways in which you can balance your hormones naturally

If you’ve been leading a high-stress lifestyle which is coupled with bad eating habits, this can wreak havoc in the hormonal balance of a woman. Even women who are healthy and who lead a healthy life can find disturbances in hormone levels. Few symptoms of hormonal imbalance might include PMS, osteoporosis, gain in weight, allergies, reduced sex drive, urinary tract infections, fibroids in the uterus, changes in skin, anxiety, fatigue, hair loss, water retention, and growth of hair on the face and can even cause depression.

#1: Try to reduce your levels of stress

Studies reveal that women who participate in regular meditation or yoga might experience reduced hormonal swings as compared to those who don’t meditate. It is important for someone to take enough rest. There are many women who lead hectic lifestyles and they give very little time to their bodies to adjust to the demands of life. This habit disrupts the natural cycles of hormones in women. So, find small breaks to relax and rest throughout the day.

#2: Follow a healthy diet

When you’re thinking of changing your diet, you should include more fruits, vegetables, organic foods, abundance of raw seeds and nuts in your diet. There are foods like fried foods, processed carbs, enriched flour, soft drinks, soy products, processed vegetable which might alter the levels of hormones. Avert non-organic dairy products which can contain steroids, harmful bovine growth hormones and other antibiotics. All these can cause havoc in the system of a woman.

#3: Avert having caffeine

It has been seen that stimulants like caffeine cause the adrenal gland to produce more hormones, much more than what is needed. You should try your best to cut down on intake of caffeine or coffee.

#4: Soak in sunshine

Give your body a healthy glow of sunshine everyday so that you can stabilize your hormone levels. You can get out and take a walk in the sun after applying your sunscreen. This will let you get the exercise that your body needs and also the sunshine which your body craves for.

#5: Opt for a mineral/vitamin supplement

When you take a good quality mineral and vitamin supplement, this will help you balance your hormones in a natural way. Ensure it contains Vitamin E and C, magnesium, calcium and also B-complex vitamins. These will help you naturally balance your hormone levels and let you get back to normalcy.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about the change in levels of hormones and how you can balance them in the right way, you can take into account the above mentioned tips and advices. If you know of any other effective ways in which you can naturally balance your hormones, let us know.