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If Your Child’s Tooth Gets Knocked Out You Can Put It Back In



One of the scariest things in the world is being deafened by the sound of your child’s cries for help. As soon as you hear them crying you fall into a state of panic because there must be something wrong. It’s even worse when you discover they have hurt themselves and it’s not just a scraped knee. They are standing in front of you with something white in their hand and they have blood pouring down their face. The little white thing in their hand is their tooth.

Because they are a little older it’s one of their permanent teeth. The ones that don’t grow back and this scares you even more because you think they have lost it forever. You’re more concerned about their future than the pain they are in because a healthy set of teeth is important. I want to tell you that you don’t need to worry too much because their tooth can be saved. Hope is not lost, but only if you follow the right procedures as soon as possible.

The first thing you need to do

You need to put the tooth back into the socket, but there are obviously a few things to look out for. You can’t put the tooth into your child’s mouth if they are unconscious. They might have fainted because of the pain, or maybe they were knocked out when they lost their tooth in the first place. A loose tooth inside anyone’s mouth is going to go straight down their throat. Grab the tooth by the crown and don’t go anywhere near the root.

The tooth needs to go back in facing the right way and once it’s in you will need to hold it in place. Your child probably doesn’t want you sticking your hand in their mouth until you get to the dentist’s surgery, so put a handkerchief inside and ask them to bite on it. You might also need to wash the tooth if it’s got any debris on it because if you don’t it could cause an infection. Wash the debris off with milk if possible, or you can also use a saline solution.

What if it can’t go in?

After the tooth is back inside you must get to the dentist as soon as possible, but you’re probably wondering what you should do if you can’t get it back inside. Just wrap it up in plastic cling wrap and it will ensure nothing else can damage it. You could also store it inside the milk or saline solution you were using before. If you go to the dentist they will be able to stick it back inside for you, so you still don’t need to worry.

There are some things you must not do

There will obviously be a few things to watch out for and you must adhere to them. I’ve already told you the tooth should be cleaned with milk or a saline solution, so that is what you must clean it with. Don’t attempt to clean it with soap and don’t scrub the tooth when cleaning. It also shouldn’t be left to dry out or it will die a lot quicker. The other important thing to remember is not to hold the tooth by the root. I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Don’t bother about a milk tooth

When your child already has their permanent teeth it’s a lot scarier when one gets knocked out. If they still have their milk teeth you don’t have to worry because you shouldn’t attempt to stick it back in. It’s actually important that you don’t because it could cause things to go wrong. It might damage the permanent tooth underneath it, or it could fuse to the socket and when it’s eventually time for the permanent tooth to push through it will cause all sorts of problems.