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Tips to Maintain Hot Tub Water Chemistry



Before using a hot tub, it is essential to know how to balance the hot tub water properly. It is important to keep the hot tub water clean and hygienic, so as to ensure a safe and happy soaking environment. Hot tub water chemistry is easy to comprehend by following a few simple steps.

Tips to Balance Spa Water Chemistry

Water hardness: One of the most important steps to balance the water chemistry in a spa is by testing the hardness of the water. The calcium level in the spa water determines the hardness of the water. It is important to maintain the calcium level between 200-400 ppm. The hardness level of the water can be tested using strips. The water should be tested when it is filled in the hot tub and when it is still cool. It is necessary to check the calcium levels of the water each and every time the hot tub is filled. There are different products available in both the online and offline stores which help to raise the calcium levels in the water.

pH level: The pH level of the spa water should be balanced as too low pH level can cause corrosion of the spa parts and skin irritations. It is vital to check the alkaline levels and then the pH level of the water before using it. There are special test strips that can be used to keep the water safe and hygienic without effort.

Sanitizer: Different types of Sanitizers can be used in hot tub spas. However, chlorine is one of the most widely used spa sanitizers as it functions quickly. Chlorine should be used at a recommended level to ensure safe and hygienic spas and hot tubs.

In addition to chlorine, bromine is also used to sanitize spas and hot tubs as it is ingrained with a number of beneficial features. It is available in different forms such as granules, tablets, and liquids.

Use of mineral cartridges: Mineral cartridges are usually installed in the floating dispenser or in the filter cartridges. It is one of the best methods of sanitizing hot tubs easily and effortlessly. It can be used along with chlorine and bromine in hot tubs. The use of mineral cartridges lessens the requirement of chlorine and bromine in the tubs.

Ozone: It is one of the most powerful oxidizers that eliminates dirt, dust, debris, bacteria, and viruses from the spa water. It facilitates keeping the spa water healthy, clear, and clean. Most of the modern spas have Ozonators which keep the water safe and hygienic.

It is very essential to check all the chemicals in your spa before using it. The chemistry level of the water needs to be accurate so that the hot tub is clean and safe for usage.