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Raspberry Ketones – The Truth



Since the 1960s, raspberry ketones have been used in various products from soft drinks to ice-cream but have been getting a lot of hype in the last year or so because of their ability to help with weight loss. While the supplement has many detractors, it also keeps getting good reviews from people who had difficulty losing weight without it, then saw success after starting a course. It is often used in conjunction with other substances known to burn fat and have health-promoting properties such as African mango, acai berry, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit, and resveratrol.

So, what is it?

Raspberry ketone is an enzyme that is used by nature to give the fruit its smell. In raspberries, there is only a tiny amount of the substance but when extracted for the supplement, large amounts can be gathered. When taken in his way, it can regulate the hormone adiponectin, which is often lacking in people with weight problems. When increased, it can help speed up the metabolism and help the body burn calories more effectively. By boosting the metabolism, it helps the body not only burn the food you have just eaten, but the increased rate will get it to continue burning into the body’s fat reserves, so greatly increasing weight loss.

Another benefit the body gets when taking the supplement is an increase in its lipolysis rate which serves to convert unsaturated fats into saturated ones. This means that it is much easier for the body to burn the fats that have been converted so even more weight loss is possible. Users of raspberry ketones also notice a considerable reduction in their appetite, meaning they tend to put less food into their bodies in the first place. All these factors combined leave the body with less fat to burn coupled with the ability to do the job more efficiently.

Scientific Studies

There have been a number of studies in the laboratory on raspberry ketones and it has consistently shown to have weight loss properties. Mice fed high-fat diets were shown to lose the fat when given the substance, as opposed to the control group who did not. Rodents such as mice are often used for trials in products to be used by humans as around 85% of their genomes are the same. While studies on humans have yet to take place, reviews of the weight loss benefits have been very promising.

Side effects

If you need more info on side effects I would recommend you check out sites on pure raspberry ketone. Using the enzyme itself is not known to cause any unwanted side effects however the ingredients should be thoroughly checked as any other contents may cause some. Most companies only add natural ingredients so as long as there is no allergy to any of them then taking the product should be perfectly safe. However, there is some concern that the product can cause raised blood pressure and heart rate so anybody with a history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes should avoid taking the supplement without the consent of a doctor.