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Best Makeup Tips To Look Gorgeous



If you don’t wear makeup often, or simply want to improve your overall appearance, these are some of the best makeup tips to look gorgeous. Applying makeup well is an art form and many people either use too much, too little or simply do it poorly. If you’re trying to achieve an attractive, but natural look with makeup, use these tips to get the most out of cosmetics.

Use Contouring Strategically

Contouring is one of your best tools when applying makeup. This is a method used to apply makeup in strategic ways to accentuate your favorite facial features, such as your eyes, and downplay the ones you’re not so fond of, perhaps your chin. Although depending on your facial shape, you may choose which areas to highlight, the cheekbones are a popular feature. If you have high cheekbones or are trying to bring them out in your face, apply highlights to make them stunning.

Remember: Less Is More

One of the cardinal rules of makeup is to either accentuate your lips or your eyes, but not both at the same time. Bright lips paired with highly made-up eye makeup looks cheap and unnatural. One of the best ways to wear your makeup is to go bright with your lips during the day and use minimal if any, eye makeup. When you decide to go out with friends to a club or somewhere in the evening, switch to a clear gloss for your lips and then work on bringing out your eyes. Exotic eye makeup is better suited for evening anyways and you can use both your eyes and mouth to their best advantage by avoiding too much.

Give It A Break

Although makeup is a great way to hide subtle flaws and accentuate your best features, it’s a good idea to go sans makeup every once in a while. The skincare experts recommend going one day a week without makeup, but if you can’t make it quite that long, try to do it at least once a month. Giving your skin a chance to breathe can help you maintain healthy skin. Also, use this day to apply a little more moisturizer which will help to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. When you take the day off makeup, spend a little extra time on your skin. All the makeup in the world is useless if you’re not starting with a good base, so skin care should always be a priority.

Spot Check

Whether you prefer to wear foundation, or skip that step, use a concealer to cover up any breakouts or problem spots. A concealer brush can be used to apply the cover-up. When using the brush, use it with short motions, almost like you’re spackling. The tapered bristles of this brush do a better job of getting into the crevices of a blemish much better than applying with another brush or your fingers. Use a concealer that contains salicylic acid if you have acne-prone skin. This will help to fight acne during the day. Finish with a foundation or a matching powder to give your skin a flawless overall appearance.

Use Bronzer Well

When used on the cheeks and nose, bronzer tends to highlight these areas. Choose a bronze that is close to your skin tone, but slightly warmer, and use it sparingly. Too much and you’ll look orange or fake. It’s also a good way to hide some of your less favorite features. If you don’t have bangs, but feel like your forehead is too big, use a matte bronzer and a large powder brush to apply a light coat to your forehead. Sweep the brush along your hairline, stopping at your temples, and then blend in a circle to match the rest of your face. The bronzer works to create a shadow, helping to make a large area appear smaller.

These tips are some of the best ways to obtain an attractive look with makeup. You can use these tips to get a subtle beauty without looking too obvious or applying a great deal of makeup. When you put together your makeup regime every morning,¬†remember that you don’t need a lot of makeup. Focus on the areas that count and work on highlighting your best features with these smart makeup tips.