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How To Tell When It’s Time For New Glasses



Leading eye doctors recommend regular visits to the opticians to maintain good eye health. But just how often is ‘regularly’? Well, roughly every two years unless advised otherwise by your doctor. Your optician will be able to spot any changes in your sight that might require a new prescription but there are a number of signs you can watch out for too.


It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to glasses, but consider whether your lenses are really as capable as they were when you first bought them. If you need to squint to read this blog on your computer screen and/or get frequent headaches from something other than your rebellious brood, you’re likely to be causing long term damage to your eyes. A new prescription can prevent this.

Blinking more frequently is a common sign you might need new glasses too. This accounts for when you do so in an effort to clear up a blurry image that is rather than to practice fluttering your eyelashes.  This might be more noticeable if you are struggling to see clearly at night in the dark. Another heads up that your specs could be past it.


In this day and age technology is constantly changing and improving. The technology behind your lenses is just the same. What was available two years ago has come on leaps and bounds since. Take advantage of the new expertise to get the most out of your lenses.

There are countless sleek designs that are a far cry from the milk-bottle-bottom styles of old; with improved functionality and a much more comfortable wear factor. Speak to your optician to find out which shape and prescription are right for you.


Glasses are fragile little blighters. You may well have kept them in their designer case and wiped the lenses before and after every wear but there is some damage you just can’t undo. Sadly if your once snug glasses no longer perch comfortably on the end of your nose whilst you browse the morning paper, it’s unlikely they ever will. And sticky tape couldn’t mend even Harry Potter’s broken frames!

Aside from the obvious wear and tear of your glasses, it is very difficult to ascertain exactly when you need to replace your glasses. Changes to your eyesight are gradual and they could easily go unnoticed so your safest bet is to visit an eye doctor who will be able to tell you if and when you need to invest in new eyeglass frames.

Whether you wear glasses full time or just for reading, watching TV, or driving; consider whether the lenses are actually doing their job. If you have to squint to determine if your partner is in fact your partner, there’s something wrong. If you get a headache when reading your child’s 12 words-a-page fairy-tale, newsflash! You need new glasses.

It’s recommended you have an eye test every year to keep up with your needs and make sure you’re getting the most out of your glasses. If you’re prescribed new lenses, get them! It really isn’t rocket science.

What are your experiences of needing new specs? Comment your anecdotes below.