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Comfort Factor For Circle Lenses



Vision is one of god’s greatest gifts; it allows us to see the world around the people we love and us. Over time, vision can start to fail due to age or conditions that affect the delicate tissues of the eyes. In this day and age with ample modern technology, much can be done to prevent the loss or deterioration of vision including the use of glasses and contact lenses.

For many, the comfort factor for vision correction is critical, and that’s why over 125 million people opt for contact lenses. When opting for circle contact lenses, the user needs to be comfortable as the lens is in the eye for the majority of the day. NEO Vision is a recognized leader in the manufacture and design of circle lenses and is known to provide the most comfortable lenses on the market, and this is down to several factors…

Lens Material Development

The human eye is naturally designed to water, which keeps it moist and healthy. Traditionally, many contact lens users experienced a lot of discomforts when wearing lenses due to the lens being scratchy or itchy. Primarily the reason it took the eye so long to adapt was due to the hard material the lens used to be made out of. With the introduction of ‘soft’ lenses launched by CIBA Vision in Mexico in 1998, contacts gradually became a lot more comfortable for the consumer.

The new silicone material was merged with the traditional hydrogels, which had been in use for the last 30 years. The new format worked with Neo Vision’s circle lenses allowing for its high water content to be intensified in the silicone format. The water content of a contact lens is significant as the eye can also be irritated by a contact that is low in water content.

The low water content limits the lenses’ ability to mold to the eye and then irritates the delicate eye area. Neo Vision lenses have a water content of 42%, so they will naturally be a lot more comfortable on the wearer. Customers of EyeCandy’s voted Neo Vision lenses the most comfortable they have tried. The high water content of Neo Vision lenses is perfect, especially in situations that generally cause a lot of discomforts, such as at offices with air conditioning.

Diversity of Circle Lens Ranges

Neo Vision provides a large selection of vision correcting products that are more attractive than glasses. Whilst glasses can irritate the nose, slip down, fall off, or get affected by the weather, lenses that remain in the eye, do not. Contact lenses are available in daily, weekly, monthly, six-monthly, or yearly options so consumers can choose based on their financial/personal preference.

Neo Vision’s circle lenses give users the option of providing the illusion of bigger eyes and are very popular as a result. Initially produced in Asian countries such as South Korea, China, and Japan, the new style has been around since 2004.

Protecting The Eyes

Modern-day contact lenses are typically made of silicone which allows easier access for oxygen to reach the eyes. The oxygen permeability in Neo Vision lenses is usually a lot higher than the traditional lens. This allows the user to receive more oxygen to the inner parts of the eye when wearing, which limits the chance of contracting an infection. Eyes can be easily affected by the sun, and with Neo Vision’s high UV protection, users will have more defense from the sun’s rays than a person who doesn’t wear lenses.

When putting a foreign body on your eye, it should feel as natural as possible. The thickness of a contact lens has a lot to do with the oxygen permeability of the material. If the lens is too thick, it limits the amount of oxygen getting to the eye, thus increasing your chances of damage to the cornea. Neo Vision is known for high oxygen permeability, and their contact lenses come in skinny sizes. The thinness of the lens allows the eye to feel more natural and able to adapt to the foreign body at a faster rate. The high water content also works in conjunction with the thinness of the lens as it allows it to come in contact with this at a quicker pace.

The Comfort Factor Matters!

While there are many contact lenses on the market, it is the consumer’s right to find a lens that is as human as the lens they were born with. Neo Vision is a massive player in the corrective vision industry and aims to provide products that help solve the problem without affecting a healthy life. Known for having the most comfortable lenses on the market, Neo Vision provides lenses that are moist, fragile to adapt to the human eye with the ability to increase oxygen permeability. It is not a surprise to understand why Neo Vision is one of the most famous designers and manufacturers of comfortable circle contact lenses.