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All About Breast Implants



Women’s physical beauty has always been under a lot of scrutinies. And a lot of this physical beauty concerns her breasts. However, not all women are well endowed. Some have naturally small breasts, due to heredity. Again, some might have had a mastectomy and might have lost one or both of her breasts in the process. Since a women’s breast is always associated with her femininity, it can be quite unsettling for those who do not have perfect breasts.

Breast implants are meant for such women who can undergo a mammaplasty- a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps in enhancing the breast size- and that can help in the reconstructive surgery of those who have undergone a mastectomy.

One of the earliest instances of successful breast implant implementation was in the year 1895 when Vincenz Czerny operated on a patient who had a tumor.  After that, throughout the twentieth century, a lot of experimentations were conducted to improve on the implants. Not all results were good. There was a time around the 1950s when the breasts were injected with silicone fillers. They produced very good results at first and a lot of women lined up. However, the breasts soon became hard and lost a sense of touch and other feelings.

Later they again had to be removed by mastectomy as it has started pressing on crucial nerves. It took a few more decades to make the process absolutely free from any danger.

Usually, there are three kinds of implants that are currently used, based on the necessity of the woman. They are:

  1. Saline Implant- They are filled with a sterile saline solution that does not react with the body.
  2. Silicone Implant – These are filled with viscous silicone gel and are the most widely used.
  3. Alternative-Composition Implant– This is made by fillers like soy oil etc, something more organic, but due to its reactions, it is hardly manufactured anymore.

Before opting for breast implant surgery, a woman needs to keep quite a few things in mind. It is very easy to get carried away by seeing someone else’s magnificent figure. However, a series of sessions with the cosmetic surgeon is required to analyze the pros and cons of the procedure. The size of the breasts is the first concern. A random enlargement is not what it is. Careful measurements are taken to see what would look good on the woman’s physique. Breasts that are too large would look artificial and unnatural, instead of looking good.

Then, after the surgery, the patient has to get used to the added weight. Significant changes come about in the lifestyle as well. Although there are no major side effects as such, unless of course, the surgery goes wrong, there are still complaints of the nipples losing their sensation. Breastfeeding is not a possibility anymore. So, one has to be ready on the emotional level as well. A good cosmetic doctor will be able to explain all of this over the sessions.

Breast implants have really come as a boon for women who were not satisfied with their breasts and they can go a long way in making a woman feel good and confident about herself.