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Eye Doctor Explains 3 Common Habits That Ruin Your Eyesight



Eye doctor explains 3 common habits that ruin your eyesight

We may not probably be aware of it, but some normal day-to-day activities could be bad for our eyes. In this article, we will consider three habits that could ruin the eyesight. As you go through each item, see if there are any habits that you unknowingly have been doing, and make the necessary adjustments to keep your precious eyesight. Keep in mind you should always visit an IEC 2020 eye doctor Quincy IL.

Not Wearing Corrective Lenses

A person diagnosed with an eye disorder that needs corrective lenses is usually prescribed with eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, not everyone is happy with wearing them. Some feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, others like to explore different styles of frames. Some might only use them at work, while  traveling, reading, or staring at a computer screen, but they don’t wear them at home.

However, this habit is bad for you. Why? It can cause strain on your eyes, and eventually lead to the inability to focus, fatigue, headache, and at times, irritability. It could also possibly have long-term effects on your eyes. So if you love your eyes, if possible, wear those glasses all the time.

Frequently Rubbing Your Eyes

Is it really bad to rub your eyes? “But it just feels good and satisfying to rub your eyes sometimes”, some might reason. True, some experts say that rubbing your eyes occasionally, and not vigorously, can be beneficial.

It can be good for your eyes and can be relaxing as well. But rubbing your eyes habitually and vigorously can be very damaging to your eyesight. A very basic reason is related to hygiene. Rubbing your eyes with unclean fingers can lead to irritation and worst, infection.

But there’s a much more serious consequence aside from having an eye infection. This involves the cornea. When you rub your eyes having a foreign body inside, chances are you are hurting, rather than relieving, your eyes.

This would scratch your cornea, thus, damaging it and posing possible complications. In addition to scratches, your cornea could possibly become thin and weakened, causing it to lose its original form that could lead to vision problems in the future. Therefore, when tempted to rub your eyes, think about your priceless cornea.

Not Visiting Your Eye Doctor

Some think that a visit to an eye doctor is not necessary when you don’t have an eye problem. That might sound reasonable. After all, why see an eye doctor when you think that your eyes are perfectly fine. But consider this: not all eye problems have early symptoms.

Thus, having no symptoms does not necessarily mean the absence of eye problems. For example, glaucoma does not usually have obvious symptoms until it has progressed and has already caused irreversible damage to the eyes in the form of blindness.

Hence, make it a goal to visit an eye care professional, and if possible, on a regular basis.

Are you guilty of any of these habits? If you are, and yet have optimum eyesight until now, then it’s never too late to make the needed corrections. Habits may not be easy to overcome, but wanting to keep good eyesight is a powerful motivation.

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