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How To Best Support Your Partner Who Has Endometriosis?



First and foremost the very first thing you can do for your partner or your loved one who is suffering from endometriosis is to just be there through any negative side effect that comes with the disease or hormonal treatment. Also, don’t consider her as half of the women as many people do.

If she cannot conceive, you as a couple will both be affected. Don’t ever blame her for having the disease and not being able to have children as it is thought enough for to suffer from the side effects and all psychological questions that come to mind such as why is this happening to me, am I am half of the women since I can’t have babies, it this a curse from God and why is this happening to me.

After hearing stories and reading articles online about women whose lives have been troubled by this disease, there are two main categories of the statistics. One category has supporting partners, the other doesn’t.

  • There are so many beautiful good stories online of women who have supportive partners who love them and care for them while suffering from endometriosis disease.   But with the category of women that don’t have supportive partners most of their uncommitted partners end up leaving them in the hospital bed to avoid the stress and the responsibility that comes with the disease and others simply get another woman pregnant while blaming the result on their partner’s inability of getting pregnant due to the endometriosis disease.
  • Learn all there is to know about endometriosis illness, different types of treatment options, and all medication tests there is to discuss these openly with your partner. And remember endometriosis is not incurable, the disease can generally be treated by medication or surgery designed to preserve fertility so stay informed and be open mind about all the various treatment options there is. As they always say if you risk nothing you gain nothing don’t be afraid to test other medical treatment options. Your sickness breakthrough can be around the corner just waiting for you to release it.
  • The last thing you want is for both of you to be sick and not being able to be there for one another to prevent this from happening you as the support group needs to take good care of yourself, take some time off to be alone so that you can release the stress and to rest. Make sure you eat proper nutritious food and always be on the lookout for signs of depression and ill health, and do not ignore them.