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The 3 Easily Forgotten Athletic Wear Extras



Everyone knows that the team uniform is the ultimate essential for athletic wear. To complete your look, don’t forget about the extras – team warm-ups, a travel bag, and a raincoat. They don’t get as much love as uniforms and shoes, but they are just as important when it comes to an athlete’s look.


A coach or athlete shouldn’t assume warm-ups are only necessary during cold weather seasons or evening games. Warm-ups aren’t just for function; they’re for a spirited look! Warm-ups pull a team’s look together, especially at competitions or events when you’re only wearing your uniform during games and performances. Warm-ups are great to wear over your uniform when warming up or eating; you can look professional and united without risking getting your uniform dirty.

There are a lot of different fabrics and looks for warm-ups that allow you to match them with your uniform.

Sports bags

What would you do without a bag for all your sportswear? Travel bags are an athlete’s necessity. A sports bag isn’t any ordinary backpack or duffle bag; it’s created with the athlete in mind and includes a lot of functions a normal bag wouldn’t have. Many bags have a special shoe compartment so you can keep your other things from getting dirty or smelly. Many bags have a variety of inner compartments too so you can keep your accessories and clothing organized.

If your team all agrees on the same bag, you can look even more professional. Has your name embroidered on the top of the bag so you can easily find it at games or in the locker room?


This is definitely the extra that gets forgotten the most. During fall and winter, you’ll always want to store a compact raincoat in your bag. Even during the spring and summer, you should have a raincoat on hand for the unexpected. Even a tiny amount of water can quickly make your uniform and warm-ups damp and smelly. If you play outdoors, always keep a raincoat handy, since you can’t easily run for cover.

By knowing what necessary extras you should keep with you, you’ll be prepared for your next game or practice!