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Prepare Your Dental Practice to Sell



Preparing your dental practice to sell is much like getting ready to sell your own house. Real Estate Agents will suggest that you have to create a “curb appeal” which can help generate the perfect right impression, and don’t forget appearance is key. A professional agent will tell you to remove the clutter in the area of view, and make your personal home crisp and clean, and to price your home accordingly.

Although this is great advice for selling your personal home, there are other factors that go into selling a dental practice. Although some of the regular advice can be helpful.

When it comes time to sell your practice think about the esthetics. What catches your eye. Buyers will be just as interested in the overall look of the practice as they are in the financials and patient records. If you are planning on selling your dental practice, these tips can help.

Focus on Curb Appeal

There is more then meets the eye in real-estate but buyers will be judging a book by its cover. That means every detail should be addressed on your end. Start at your dental practice office front door. Is it torn, worn, or rusted? Is the hardware old falling apart or tarnished, has your door signage chipped? These details should be addressed. The curb appeal is how it looks at first glance.


Maybe you are not ready to sell at this moment. But that doesn’t mean now is not a good time to start preparing. Important decisions that you make today will have a giant impact on the sale of your practice down the road.

Whether you are opting for a remodel of the office, or you want to sign a new lease, or you plan on going high tech, you should weigh your decision based upon: (1) what is the impact to the practice now? and (2) what will be the impact on the practice when you are ready to sell?