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Top Queries Regarding Breast Cancer Resolved



According to a survey, almost one-fourth of women opt for breast-conserving surgery. However, they also go for the second surgery just to ensure that the breast cancer cell is totally removed. After the surgery, a pathologist tests on the cell are performed. If the outcome is of a cancerous cell than it is a positive margin and if the cell is not cancerous it’s a negative margin.

At the initial level, women prefer breast-conserving surgery. It is also called a partial mastectomy. The surgeons during this surgery try to leave as much breast tissue as possible, just to preserve the cosmetic appearance of the breast. It will not affect the look of your breast. The only challenge with breast cancer is that expert doctors feel difficulty in recognizing the normal tissue and the infected tissue.

Doctors also deny going for Re-excision. It can cause additional psychological and physical stress. Needless to say about the economical stress that it has on the patients, the families of patients are fed up with paying huge medical bills. The Re-excision rate varies from the positive margins of cancers. The stats are likewise.

  • 85.9 percent for positive margins
  • 47.9 percent for a margin of less than 1.0 mm
  • 20.2 percent for margins of between 1 mm and 1.9 mm
  • 6.3 percent for 2-to-2.9 mm 

Here we will discuss some top questions regarding breast cancer that haunts the patients from now and then. This is a general set of questions that can be asked by every common patient who fears the chances of developing breast cancer. Here goes your question.

  1. Doctor, what are my chances of developing breast cancer?
  2. What if my mother has breast cancer or anyone in my kin has breast cancer, will I too have an increased chance of having breast cancer
  3. How can I reduce the chance of developing breast cancer if any
  4. Please tell me about some symptoms of breast cancer
  5. How can the breast cancer be diagnosed?
  6. How much credible is breast self-exams and could you tell me the process of doing the same
  7. How often should be breast self-exam should be carried
  8. Tell me something about the authenticity of a clinical breast exam and how often should it be carried
  9. What is a screening mammogram and does it hurt
  10. Mammograms are expensive, are there any low-cost mammograms available
  11. What are the probabilities of getting breast cancer treatment?
  12. Whether birth control pills increases the chance of breast cancer
  13. I have heard that postmenopausal hormone therapy causes breast cancer, is it a myth?

Hope the article helped you a little bit to fight breast cancer. If it even helped one single woman, I will find myself successful in doing a little to decrease the effect of a deadly disease.