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5 DIY Skincare Solutions You May Not Know About



We have all had some sort of trouble with our skin during our lifetime and remedies on the market can be expensive. What you may not know however is that there are a number of ways in which you can create skincare solutions yourself at home. Most are easy to do and require ingredients that you’ll probably have lying around your house. Whether its oily skin, spotty skin or you’re looking for that younger look, there’s a remedy out there for you. Below I’ve listed some do it yourself solutions that can help you take a step towards better skin.

Younger looking skin

It’s no lie that we all would like to look a little younger, but without having risky, expensive plastic surgery is it possible? There are plenty of skin solutions on the market promising that it is but I’ve found a couple of remedies you can do at home to help keep those wrinkles at bay.

Honey is used in most treatments on the market and can be found in most cupboards up and down the country. It works to help retain moisture and hydrate your skin. Apply the honey to your face regularly for the best effect. You’ll look a bit mad going out to do the big shop with honey all over your forehead so try and do it in the evenings before bed.

If this doesn’t work for you there are plenty of other remedies on the web for you to look at. Alternatively, you’ll be able to find sites offering the best Dermalogica prices to help you look ten years younger.

Dry skin

Dry skin can be extremely aggravating and is most common during the winter months. It can be found anywhere on our bodies and can cause some intense itching. There are so many different treatments on the market but I’ve found that they make my skin crack and shine rather than remedy it.

The reason we suffer from dryness is basically down to your skin losing moisture and there are many reasons that this could be happening, it could be down to age, or weather. So what can you do at home to remedy it? Drink lots of water, first of all, your skin needs hydration! Avacado can act as an excellent face mask and is brilliant for dry skin. Try mashing some up in a bowl and apply it to your face.


Although spots usually seek to ruin our lives as teens, we can suffer from them at any age. They can really put a knock in confidence and when I have spots, all I want to do is hide away until they disappear. Waiting for them to calm down though could take a while and hideaway isn’t a fun way to get through a day so why not try a home remedy to help your skin rid those nasty blemishes.

There are loads of home remedies for spots and the majority again use ingredients that you’ll have at home. Not many people know this but for people who haven’t tried it, we highly recommend it! Garlic is great for your skin as it contains antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. The thought of pouring garlic juice on your face might not sound too appealing but we promise it will help fight those spots!

Oily skin

Oily skin can be a pain and finding a solution that lasts throughout the whole day can be even more of a pain. Oily skin can also lead to other problems like acne and blackheads so a good solution is important. Now I guarantee that you will have this ingredient in your house – milk. Milk is a great way to get rid of any excess oil on the skin.

There are several ways to apply the milk to your face. One method is to pour the milk into a bowl and use a cotton ball to apply to the skin. Do this regularly and it should help you rid yourself of that oily skin!


Blackheads, like spots, can affect us at any age. Outbreaks can be found on chins, noses, foreheads and anywhere else you can think of. A mixture of oatmeal and yogurt applied as a facemask can create a powerful blackhead solution and also exfoliates the skin.

Add the oatmeal and yogurt to a bowl with some oil and mix until it’s in paste form, then gently apply to the skin. These relatively cheap ingredients can help stave off this far too common problem

So there you have it. Some really simple home remedies to some extremely common problems. Why not try all of these? Some of them work against several problems so try them all out and see which works best for you.