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Taking A Look At Dental Implants Treatment



Not everyone is familiar with dental implants treatment and for those here’s the who, what, where, and how come.

Who Needs From a Dental Implant Treatment?

A dental implant treatment is for individuals who have a missing tooth or teeth.  They are also for those who need support for a bridge or a denture.  The most common reason though is to replace a missing tooth or teeth, permanently.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a 3 part device that connects together to form an artificial permanent tooth.  There is a titanium screw-like post that’s meant to simulate a tooth’s root.  An abutment which is like a stem that’s used to connect the third piece of the device to the post.  The third piece is the artificial crown.  The crown is custom-made to match naturally with the existing teeth of a dental implants patient.

Where Do You Get Dental Implants in Las Vegas Treatment?

Dental implants treatment is a surgical procedure that’s performed by a specialized cosmetic dentist.  There are some cosmetic dentists that will perform this treatment in a single day where others may do it in a two-part treatment.  This treatment takes precision and a steady hand so the experience of the dental implants specialist can make a difference in the success of the treatment.

Why Should Someone Have a Dental Implant Treatment?

Since dental implants treatment is most commonly used to permanently replace a missing tooth and is performed by a cosmetic dentist, many would think that one has it just for an aesthetic appeal.  This isn’t always the case, even though the patient may not be aware of the dental health improvement that an implant treatment has, it does have it.

When a person is missing a tooth, the gap that’s left in their mouth enables the rest of the teeth to shift and move which can cause misalignment, a poor bite, and affect their eating habits.  The bone, which will weaken more quickly, where the tooth is missing if the gap isn’t filled.   This can cause the other teeth to become loose and fall out.

Other Dental Implants Information

Some other pertinent information about a dental implants treatment Las Vegas would include that a patient first needs to see a cosmetic dentist make sure that they are a good candidate for this treatment.  You can expect the professional to discuss your medical and dental health, as well as, do a thorough examination including x-rays to determine if the treatment is right for you.

Some patients may need a simple procedure if their bone is too weak to hold the implant, which would consist of the dental implants Las Vegas specialist taking a small piece of bone from elsewhere and placing it atop the bone of the gaped area, a bone graft.  This procedure, if necessary, is done at the same time that the post is implanted.